Golfer fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma & hating his cheap clubs

Golfer fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma & hating his cheap clubs

Play it Forward

At Stix, we want to make the game of golf more accessible. We believe golf enriches lives, and we want to see more people enjoying the game with great gear. It’s not lost on us that not everyone can afford golf clubs even as we have aimed to lower the cost and complexity of the buying process.

We like to share the stories of people we are helping get into great gear, because we believe it's all about the people and the stories, not just the hardware.

Recipient Request

I have followed all the links to enter the "Garrett sent me!” give a way... not likely that i will win bc i never win any give aways via social media. Kinda pathetic to even ask this but do you ever donate clubs?

My 24 year old son was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma , he is an avid weekend golfer and hate his cheap clubs, I recently purchased some irons off FB market that are better than what he has, but i don't even have any clubs myself. I'd love nothing more than to get back out there with him as soon as he has the energy to play.

Being a pay check to pay check kind of family, I always worked my butt off to provide for him and my family but in doing so really missed out on a lot of his life, when he was diagnose a couple weeks ago (week before Christmas) it really hit home w/me how much i missed out on and how life is short.. working shouldn't take the place of quality time. Anyway i know this may come across as pathetic, you can verify on my FB none of this is fabricated, most of his journey is actually public.

Thank you in advance.

When we told him we were going to hook him up
When we told him we were going to send him clubs:
Are you being serious right now?????

After receiving his clubs
I have attached pics and video (well partial video bc his mom ,(( my ex wife )) had technical difficulties and thought she was videoing and wasn’t. She missed the back story I was giving my son as well as all your kind words and from your staff as well . He personally sent a message to you guys via FB messenger as well as made a post on FB (tried to tag your page but guess you have restrictions).

I just want to say again how much I appreciate you and your company, my son couldn’t stop smiling the entire evening , and was so excited when I left he went straight to Dicks sporting goods to buy a new golf bag, bc he said your clubs were too nice to even put in his 8 year old golf bag haha , his step dad actually bought him the bag bc Tim’s birthday is I little over a week (Jan 29th), he has Chemo on 28th and won’t be much up to celebrate the next day as it’s so taxing in him.

I told Tim eventually I will buy a set from you guys since I need some and want to support you guys , his step dad Mike and oldest brother Dustin also said if Tim likes them , that they too would buy a set since you were so generous!!!

Thanks again so very much and may God bless you and make your company prosper!!

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