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Bucket List Golf: Augusta National

What legendary golf course is either at or near the top of every golfer’s bucket list?  If you guessed Augusta National, you’re correct! 

 Augusta National Golf Course

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Millions of golfers around the globe dream of simply visiting Augusta National. Now imagine driving up the famous Magnolia Drive knowing you were about to play a round of golf on one of the best golf courses in the world.

What makes Augusta National so prestigious and why is it at the top of most golf enthusiasts’ bucket list? Let’s dive into its history, its impeccable grounds, and how a round of golf usually goes at this historic golf landmark.

The Rich History 

The first reason Augusta National ranks high on the list of best golf courses in the world is because of its rich history. 

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One of the greatest golfers to ever lace up spikes, Bobby Jones designed this beautiful course in 1932 because he wanted a safe haven for golf lovers during the dark winter months. 

Augusta National had a rough start in its first few years due to the Great Depression.  In fact, The Masters (the most famous PGA Major Tournament in the US) started in 1934 to increase memberships to bring the golf club out of financial distress. 

The Masters has played 83 times since 1934 and is the most coveted title for PGA Tour professionals.

The Well-Maintained Facilities and Grounds

Augusta National is famous for being one of the best kept golf courses in the world.  The grounds are so impeccably maintained that it looks as if not even a single blade of grass is ever out of place. 

Augusta National Golf Course

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The azalea plants and dogwood trees get most of the attention but don’t underestimate the array of gorgeous flowers scattered throughout the property.

If you’re unable to play the hallowed grounds of Augusta National, you could easily spend an entire day taking in the grounds’ beauty. 

The Gorgeous Course

Perhaps no other golf course in the world has more sheer beauty than Augusta National.  

The iconic golf course’s land was previously a plant nursery called Fruitland.For that reason, each individual hole on the course is named after a special tree or plant. For instance, Hole 13 is named Azalea for the breathtaking plants that bloom during The Masters in April of each year.

Each hole at Augusta National looks like a perfect postcard from some exotic vacation destination. 

Augusta National Masters Titles

Holes 11 through 13 are known as Amen Corner because legend has it that more prayers are said on those three holes than in any church in the world.

Imagine standing in the same place as golf heroes like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods.  That thought alone is enough to give most golfers chills of joy and amazement.

Make Your Augusta National Dream A Reality

Augusta National is a private club and you need an invite from a club member to play a round of golf, but anyone can visit Augusta National during the week of The Masters.  However, tickets to The Masters require a significant financial investment because it is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. 

In short, if you want to mark Augusta National off your bucket list you are going to have to start saving money.  Golf can be a costly sport, so choose when to spend – such as on a trip to Augusta – and when to save – such as on your golf club set and bag.

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