Five Tips For More Confidence On the Golf Course

Five Tips For More Confidence On the Golf Course

So, you’re interested in a black golf club set from Stix. Good on you! That’s the first step in not only looking good on the golf course, but also feeling good when you’re playing. But what do you do when it comes to on-the-course confidence? We wish we could say that the Stix black golf club set will magically transform you into a swaggering professional golfer, but alas, the technology has not yet caught up.

If you’re not one hundred percent aboard the confidence train, we get you. Shanks and slices have haunted our dreams after a rough go on the course, which can cause anyone to be less than self-assured when getting back out there after a harrowing golf experience. We’ve discovered a few habits that have not only improved our confidence but have led to more consistent strokes, and, most importantly, a more enjoyable time on the course.

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1. Develop a relaxing pre-golf routine.

Literally get into the swing of things by hitting the driving range or putting green for a few practice shots so you’re not going to the first tee box cold. This is particularly helpful for those with nerves as there is no pressure involved. It doesn’t matter where the ball flies, because it’s practice! These practice shots don’t count and enable you to try different techniques to find what feels good then you can carry that into your next round.

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2. Visualize the shot and focus on your breath.

In addition to warming up, it’s important to establish a routine when you’re about to hit the ball. Muscle memory is real, y’all, and practicing time and time again to replicate a move can help with consistent posture and form. A pre-shot routine can include additional practice swings, so everything feels just right before you execute, but can also involve visualizing your shot by studying the greens and steadying your breath. This routine can help lessen your anxiety, improve your swing uniformity, and – you guessed it – help build your confidence.

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3. Take a cue from your kid’s favorite movie and LET. IT. GO.

We’ve all woken up in the middle of the night thinking about the dumb thing we said 10 years ago. And what’s the point? So, you can relive an embarrassing or disappointing moment in life? Similar to remembering insignificant yet horrifying memories, dwelling on a disappointing golf shot is not in your best interest. The longer you dwell, the longer you’ll feel the negative effects of this moment. Grab your Stix black golf club set and move on. There are more opportunities to be had.

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4Enjoy the journey, not the destination. ­­

For some, the final score really, really matters. Some have concrete goals they hope to achieve, whether that’s reducing their handicap or making par at their favorite muni course. Regardless of your hopes for a round of golf, it’s important to maintain some perspective about the game and enjoy the experience, even if you are performing less than perfect.

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5. Remember: this is supposed to be fun.

We can often forget that golf is fun when we’re experiencing blinding rage over not being able to get out of the bunker. We get that, really. But try to tell yourself this when your confidence is waning, and your mood is dipping: golf is fun. Repeat it with us, again: Golf is fun.

Lastly, trust yourself. Keep things in perspective. And have fun out there.