How to Celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day in Style

How to Celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day in Style

To most golfers, every day is National Golf Lover’s Day. So, you might be thinking, “What makes today any different?” as you grab your used golf club set and head to the muni course.

Well, we like an excuse to celebrate and we’re here to let you know that this Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020, is the day you didn’t know you needed. Not only is it the perfect excuse to play a round, but also a great opportunity to upgrade your second hand golf clubs and attire to make you not only look better but play better.

Golf was established as a widely recognized sport in the United States in the late 19th century. By 1910, the United States Golf Association had over 265 club affiliations; by 1932, there were over 1,100 clubs; now there are over 10,000 USGA associated clubs. To say golf has become a mainstay in American culture is a bit of an understatement. If it’s a fixture in your life, use today as a reason to cast off your used golf club set for some Stix and your old, worn down golf shoes and clothes with stylish alternatives.



Upgrade from your second hand golf clubs.

A used golf club set has its purposes, like helping you learn the sport and hone your skills. But is it always going to be the best option for you? Our hunch: no! 

Many options from large name brand companies can average upwards of $500 per club. If you’re like us and would prefer not to drop a couple of Gs on new clubs, you might be wondering what your choices entail. It’s for this reason that Stix was created: a direct to consumer brand in a midmarket price range that includes every element to perform well with a minimalistic all-black aesthetic.

A 12-piece complete set of golf clubs from Stix is only $799.



Treat yourself to new shoes.

Have your golf shoes seen better days? Are your spikes better described as “nubs”? We feel you.

Shoes are pretty crucial elements of your golf attire, especially when you’re hoofin’ it around the course. We particularly like TRUE Linkswear for its modern and stylish design, as well as the comfort we feel when wearing them. They’re also easily translated to non-golf related activities, which is just a pure win in our book. 



Spruce up your outfit.

We’ve got hats and polos for you to rep #TeamStix, but for more variety we look to brands like Bad Birdie

You want quirky prints in comfortable fabrics? They’ve got you covered. In addition to eye-catching options, their clothing also offers UPF of 50+, anti-odor, and moisture wicking so even when you’re done sweating through 18, you’re still looking good.

Get out there and have fun! 

Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day is to get out on the course. We’re firm believers that a golf club doesn’t make the player, but if you’re looking good and feeling even better – well, that’s a win in our books.

Happy National Golf Lover’s Day from #TeamStix!