Female Golfers and Golf Club Set

Golf Clubs
for Women

Designed with the modern woman golfer in mind, this set features lightweight components and a forgiving clubface to promote distance and accuracy. Shorter club lengths and lighter shafts cater to a wider range of swing speeds, making this set ideal for women who are new to the game or seeking a more comfortable playing experience.

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Stix Golf Women's Club Set

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Ladies Set

Modern Women's Clubs for a Fair Price

There’s no ‘pink tax’ here–our women’s golf clubs aren’t pricier than our men’s clubs because our clubs are for everyone. We also offer a variety of club sets and single clubs so you can get exactly what you need without paying for what you don’t.

Femail golfer with set of clubs


Clubs for her

Built for forgiveness with large sweet spots and vibration absorbing graphite shafts. Enjoy more pure feeling contact and finding more fairways. Want to upgrade your women's clubs without breaking the bank? Stix’s Women's golf club set is less than $1000.

Woman golfing with her set of clubs

Women's Clubs

Turn heads on the course with this set's sleek design. The clean lines and elegant color scheme offer a refined aesthetic that complements any golfer's style. A modern, minimalist design philosophy crafted into this set provides a visually pleasing look without sacrificing performance.

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