Golf Etiquette 101

Golf Etiquette 101

Mind your golf manners with #TeamStix. We asked our community about their biggest pet peeves out on the course and we're sharing with you so you don't have to become THAT golfer.

Take your time...but not that much time
"Slow play...hands down. The absolute worst!"

But also let people enjoy the game
"I hate being rushed while I'm trying to putt. I just need some time read the green!"

Mind your music
"Portable bluetooth speakers attached to bags that are playing music WAY too loud."

Safety first
"When people don't give you a courtesy 'FORE!' when the ball is anywhere near people. It doesn't hurt to be extra safe..."

Know your group
"I hate when people seem to be unaware where other people in the group are! Hitting before their turn, driving the cart in front of my shot...ugh!"