The Winning Traits of Top Golfers

The Winning Traits of Top Golfers

The amount of pressure the normal, everyday golfer faces on their favorite muni course can be overwhelming. A couple of bad shots can have an average golfer spiraling and swearing off the game for good. Now imagine playing a round with thousands of people watching, only feet away from you, and millions more watching on television screens across the country.  Did you just start nervous-sweating? Us, too. 

This is what separates the typical golfer from the pros: maintaining nerves of steels while shaking off small defeats. Top golfers seems to be made of iron will and steadfast focus that many are unable to emulate. So, how can you take some of the best traits of male and female golfers and apply them to your game?

Grow Your Confidence

It’d be foolish to think once you’ve scored the so-called best golf clubs or the latest tech that you’ll instantly transform into a pro. As much as we wish that were the case, the truth is that the clubs don’t make the player, self-confidence does.

When we were designing our golf clubs, we wanted to create a set that you’d feel amazing playing with (our whole motto is Look Better, Play Better) which in turn helps to improve your confidence on the course. Think of your favorite pro golfer: they exude confidence, don’t they? They also exude style – their own unique style that helps them to feel prepared and comfortable for the task at hand. 

Maintain Your Focus

It’s also worth noting that the best golfers are also laser-focused on the game and nothing else. Sure, you might be on the course just to spend time with friends and knock back a few beers, but if you’re serious about improving your game, you’ll want to keep your attention on the task at hand.

Many pro golfers recommend pre-shot and post-shot routines. Pre-shot routines begin before you ever reach the tee – it begins when you approach the ball, as you review the green’s contours, and calculate the distance from your ball to your intended target. Visualize your shot and practice your swing. Take a deep breath. These steps will prepare you mentally and physically to focus on the task to ha

Your post-shot routine can be as simple as accepting the shot as it lays, and moving on to the next one.

Cool, Calm & Creative

You’ve got the best golf clubs, you’re feeling confident, you’re focused, and then you swing. Despite your best efforts and routine, the shot is plain ugly. A natural reaction would be to curse or freak out a little – and we by no means judge this type of reaction, as we’ve all been there! However, the better choice after a less than ideal shot would be to calmly accept the shot as it is and remain levelheaded as you think creatively through the next steps. Maintaining your composure will help you keep your heart rate down and won’t activate the alarm bells in your head, all of which will just distract you from coming back from a bad shot.

Of course, there are certainly times when you won’t be able to keep a cool head, and again, no judgement! But always remember that the next shot is the one that matters.

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