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Golf Club Memberships Explained: Is It Worth It?

The clubhouse. It’s often seen as the pinnacle place to play for the amateur player, providing exclusive access to manicured golf courses and prestigious social circles. But are golf club memberships really worth it? With technology advancing and the sport of golf evolving to fit modern lifestyles, clubhouses don’t quite have the same charm. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what traditional clubhouses have to offer and whether or not they’re worth it for the modern golfer.

What is a Golf Club Membership?

A clubhouse or golf club membership is a lot like a gym membership. Golf club memberships allow individuals or families access to golf course facilities and amenities, which can include the courses, dining facilities, driving ranges, and more. Membership at a clubhouse is a great way for golf enthusiasts to enjoy regular play and community with other golfers. The specific offerings and privileges of a golf membership can vary from club to club, depending on the location and price point of the clubhouse.

How Much Can You Expect to Spend on a Membership?

The cost of a golf club membership really depends on the club. Membership costs can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the location and prestige of the golf club, the facilities and amenities offered, the type of membership (e.g., individual, family, junior), and any special promotions or discounts available. 

Smaller or semi-private clubhouses are usually more affordable at a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year. If there are any initiation fees, they’ll usually match the annual fees. 

Exclusive, legacy clubhouses can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per year–and many of these are invite-only, meaning you have to know somebody before you can even join. In some cases, these private golf clubs may also require a substantial initiation fee in addition to annual dues. With these clubhouses, you’re often paying for the prestige, reputation, and social benefits that come along with them, though they are usually some of the best courses available, too.

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Benefits of Joining a Golf Club

Despite the rising popularity of golfing simulators and other facilities, golf courses still hold tons of advantages. Golf clubhouse memberships come with several benefits that can enhance your overall golfing experience and even help you save money in the long run. Here are some common benefits of clubhouse membership.

Access to Courses and Facilities

As a clubhouse member, you usually gain unlimited access to the golf course, driving range, putting greens, and other practice facilities. This means you can play golf whenever you want, without having to worry about booking tee times as non-members do. Translation: more golf, more often.

Reduced Green Fees

Paying a clubhouse membership fee upfront usually results in net savings on green fees. If you play frequently, say once or twice a week on average, you can end up saving hundreds by paying for a membership at a clubhouse.

Priority Tee Times

No more waiting in line! Members usually get priority when booking tee times, which means you’re more likely to get really sweet tee times, even during peak hours.

Member Events and Tournaments

Clubhouses host special events and tournaments exclusively for their members. These events can be fun and competitive, and can even earn you prizes, from cash to clubhouse merch–not to mention clubhouse bragging rights.

Clubhouse Amenities

Clubhouse members gain access to clubhouse amenities, which may include locker rooms, dining facilities, lounges, and pro shops. It's an exclusive place to socialize and relax before or after your round of golf.

Practice and Coaching

Still slicing the ball? Some golf clubs provide coaching and practice sessions specifically for their members, often at a discounted rate. This can be a valuable opportunity to improve your golf skills with professional guidance.

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Member Guest Privileges

Many golf clubs allow members to bring guests to play on the course. Depending on the club's policy, guests may receive reduced green fees or access to certain amenities. It’s a great way to get your buddies into the game and can even be a great date spot.

Reciprocal Privileges

Some golf clubs have reciprocal agreements with other clubs, allowing their members to play at partner courses with discounted rates or special access.

Discounts and Special Offers

Members often receive discounts on merchandise, golf equipment, and services within the club. These discounts can extend to guest fees, lessons, or even private event rentals.

Alternatives to Clubhouse Memberships

If a traditional golf clubhouse membership isn’t in your budget (or just isn’t your style), there are still many ways to play golf without going the clubhouse route. Check out these alternatives to golf club memberships.

Public Golf Courses

Instead of joining a private golf club, you can play at public golf courses on a pay-as-you-go basis. Public courses usually offer affordable green fees, and you can book tee times without the need for a membership. While you may not have access to all the fancy amenities of an exclusive golf club, you get to enjoy the flexibility of trying out different courses in your area for an affordable price.

Golf Pass Programs

Some areas offer golf pass programs that allow you to purchase discounted rounds of golf at multiple participating courses. These passes allow you access to a variety of courses at reduced rates, making it a cost-effective option for frequent golfers who enjoy playing different courses.

Golf Booking Apps

Apps like GolfNow and TeeOff allow you to book tee times at various golf courses at discounted rates. These platforms provide a wide selection of courses to choose from and can offer substantial savings on green fees. Even if you have a clubhouse membership, you should still download these apps for whenever you travel or want to try out different courses.

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Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities

Many cities have standalone driving ranges and practice facilities that allow you to work on your golf game without the need for a membership. These venues can be a convenient option for practicing your swing and honing specific skills, or simply letting off some steam at the end of the day.

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Virtual Golf

Golf simulators are the way of the future. Golfing sims provide a fun and immersive golfing experience from anywhere, no golf course required. Though a simulator is not the same as playing on an actual course, virtual golf is just as fun, especially during unfavorable weather conditions. You can play at facilities that provide golf simulator technology or invest in your own at-home setup to play any time. 

Are Clubhouse Memberships Worth It?

If the clubhouse annual fees are in your budget, you play regularly, and you are interested in the other amenities offered by the club itself, then a golf club membership is probably worth it for you. If not, there are tons of other ways to play golf that don’t involve paying for a membership. 

Whether or not you join a clubhouse, one thing’s for sure: you deserve stylish clubs that play like a dream. Our modern, forgiving golf clubs look amazing all while helping you play the round of your dreams–every time. 

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