Stix is Your New Favorite Full Set Golf Clubs

Stix is Your New Favorite Full Set Golf Clubs

How many times have you stood at the first tee absolutely positive  you’re about to have the best round of golf in your life? That you’re not only going to smash this drive, but also make par – maybe even birdie?! Besides the pros, our hunch is that many individuals haven’t felt this confident in their abilities heading out onto the course.

Coolness and poise are major factors in the way that a golfer plays. Many brands offer custom golf clubs and promise accuracy and consistency can only be drastically improved when using their premium golf clubs. While full set golf clubs may enhance a player’s game, it’s not a guarantee they will improve play. And it can be a hard pill to swallow that you’ve not suddenly Rory McIlroy once you start carrying around a set of custom golf clubs priced higher than your rent.

Stix Golf Full Set Golf ClubsStix Golf Club Sets for Men

That’s where Stix is stepping in to change the game: Stix offers full set golf clubs direct to consumer, which allows customers to receive complete golf sets at a reasonable price. A 12-piece set of premium golf clubs is available at the fair price of $799, subverting the culture of equipment that’s overpriced and overdesigned. 

While some golf club sets for men have taken on the trend of being overdesigned with flashy features and unnecessary gimmicks, Stix quite literally sticks to a minimalist design that offers clean, modern lines in all-black premium golf clubs. You won’t be distracted by the design, but those who use Stix golf club sets for men will certainly turn heads. And when you’re turning heads, you’ll feel the type of confidence that calms the senses and gets your head right for a personal record breaking game of golf. 

Stix Golf has complete golf sets available to order now.