Play it Forward

We want to hook people up with clubs, and we invite you to join us.

At Stix, we want to make the game of golf more accessible. We believe golf enriches lives, and we want to see more people enjoying the game with great gear. It’s not lost on us that not everyone can afford golf clubs even as we have aimed to lower the cost and complexity of the buying process.


Will you partner with us to get our clubs into the hands of as many people as we can and share the love this holiday season? We will match every $ you spend on Play it Forward to deliver clubs to some well deserving folks. Together we can make golf more accessible for everyone during this season and beyond.

Help us hook people up


We would love to consider hooking you up with Stix gear supplemented by other generous customers. Tell us your story, and we will make the best decision we can on distributing clubs from the Play it Forward program. We get it. Even our founder got his first set of clubs form a church rummage sale for $20.

Apply to receive free clubs