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Which brand’s complete golf club set is right for you? Compare Stix vs. Robin on options, features, quality, and price.

If you’re shopping for a sleek, affordable, complete golf club set, chances are you’ve come across both Stix Golf and Robin Golf.

Even here at Stix, we’ll admit the similarities are striking:

  • Both Stix and Robin are taking on the major golf brands by making clubs more affordable and easier to buy.
  • Both offer complete sets with bags and covers, so you can spend less time shopping and more time golfing.
  • Both feel modern and make bold design and quality claims.

But there are key differences you should know. Here, we’ll compare Stix golf club sets with Robin’s regarding options, features, price, quality, and more.

Sure, we’re biased to prefer Stix, but you can fact-check us on any claim.


Robin Golf claims that new golfers need just nine clubs. While that’s true in the early days, offering only nine clubs locks out a lot of players.

If you’re anything other than a complete beginner, you’ll quickly find a use for 11 or even 14 clubs.

That’s why at Stix, we offer more options. Need to fill gaps in your bag or try out Stix without committing to a full set? Pick up an individual club, a 3-piece or a 9-piece set.

We also keep our Stix Stand Bag and headcovers optional with sets. If you want both, get them at a discount. We’ll never force you to buy accessories you don’t need.

Sets, Clubs & Accessories

All Sets (Gender Neutral):

  • 14- Piece Complete Golf Set
  • 11- Piece Classic Golf Set
  • 9-Piece Casual Golf Set

All of the above sets come with or without the Stix Stand Bag and Headcovers — your choice.

  • 3-Piece Wedge Set
  • Stix Stand Golf Bag (sold separately)
  • Stix Headcovers (sold separately)

Plus, pick up limited edition sets of various sizes, golf balls, caps, hats, and more.

The Essential Set (Women’s, Men’s & Junior):

  • 9-Piece Club Set
  • No option to buy the sets without a bag and headcovers.
  • No golf balls, accessories, or smaller club sets.
Stix vs. Robin?

Golf Set Options Winner: Stix

Not everyone is in the market for a 9-piece club set with a bag and headcovers. That shouldn’t stop you from getting a quality, sleek-looking set at an affordable price.

Stix vs. Robin:

Before we compare the 9-piece sets, let’s talk about fit.

Robin’s clubs are one-size-fits-all. Their women’s set is shorter with a softer flex. Their men’s clubs are longer with a stiffer flex.

Stix lets you customize the length and shaft flexibility on any set with just a click. Why does that matter? Clubs that fit your height, build, and swing speed allow you to play to the best of your ability.

Robin says length and flex don’t really matter. We say, if you’re spending $800 on a set of clubs, you deserve better than off-the-rack.

With Stix, you can get clubs in the right flex, closely tailored to your height. So you’re not stooping or stretching. So your swing is more powerful and your aim more accurate.

Not sure what flex or length you need? See the FAQs below or chat with us for advice. Stix clubs are easy to customize and you get 30 days to try the fit.

Detail Stix Golf - All Sets Robin Women's Set Robin Men's Set Robin Junior Set
Club Length Options

5 length options available with every set:

  • -1” (Your height: 5’0” - 5’4”)
  • -.5” (Your height: 5’4” - 5’7”)
  • Standard (Your height: 5’7” - 6’2”)
  • +.5” (Your height: 6’2” - 6’4”)
  • +.5” (Your height: 6’2” - 6’4”)
  • One length only (Your height: 5'2" - 5'10")
  • One length only (Your height: 5'6" - 6'2")
  • Two length options for kids
Shaft Flex Options

5 length options available with every set:

  • 3 shaft flex options available with each set
  • Stiff Flex for faster swings
  • Regular Flex for mid-speed swings
  • Active Flex (A-Flex) for slower swings
  • No customization: Women’s Standard Flex only
  • No customization: Men’s Stiff Flex only
  • No customization: Kid’s Flex only
Non-standard Length + Flex Options
  • Get a set that’s right for your build and game (even if you’re not “standard”)
  • Get a set that’s right for your build and game (even if you’re not “standard”)
  • Length + flex are standard only
  • Length + flex are standard only
Stix vs. Robin

Fit Winner: Stix

Only Stix offers length and flex options with every set.


“The option to select your height is a massive plus. Taller golfers just getting into the game don’t really have any real options out there to find a full set of clubs catered to them, but Stix checks that box by offering up to 1-inch added for golfers on the taller side. They also offer shorter clubs, so these full sets are also an extremely viable option for any junior golfers or shorter golfers out there looking to get into the game.”

— Mark Harris, BroBible

Verified Reviews

"Love my Stix"

"Changing to senior shafts was the right thing to do. I'm hitting the ball straighter and further than I was with my Taylor Mades. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Stixs."

- Ralph Rhode, 04/07/2021 Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set - V1
"Awesome Clubs"

"These are my second set of clubs and my 1st “custom” length club set. I am 6’5” and had trouble with the standard length shafts and I already feel more comfortable with these clubs. They are sleek and I’ve already been asked what clubs I have. Completely satisfied with these clubs!"

- Chris Moore, Verified Stix Buyer, 02/22/2021
"Excellent so far!"

"Got the +.5” 12 piece set and it’s been great. Way cheaper than a fitting and I’m definitely a casual golfer and new to the sport so these were exactly what I was looking for. I really like the consistency of feel across the board that all the clubs in my set have the same style grip, balance, club face and flex. Very helpful for someone who is trying to minimize variables and improve. Looking forward to seeing what other gear comes out this year."

- Blake, Verified Stix Buyer, 01/12/2021

Need anything other than a 9-piece golf club set? Robin isn’t for you. That’s their one offer. And whether you like it or not, Robin’s set comes with the Robin golf bag.

How does Robin’s 9-piece set compare with Stix’s, head to head?

Detail Stix Casual 9-Piece Set
(Including Stix Stand Bag + Headcovers)
Robin “The Essentials” 9-Piece Set
(Including Bag & Headcovers*)
Price $824 $799

Customizable length and flex:

- Driver
- Wood (5W)
- Hybrid
- Irons (5,7,9)
- Pitching Wedge
- Sand Wedge
- Putter

Standard length and flex:

- Driver
- Wood (3W)
- Hybrid
- Irons (5,7,9)
- Pitching Wedge
- Sand Wedge
- Putter


Over 180 reviews this set only.

~100 reviews across all Robin sets.

Golf Bag & Head Covers
  • Premium Stix Stand Golf Bag included. Valued at $250 if purchased separately.
  • Headcovers included for Driver, Wood, Hybrid and Putter. Valued at $65 if purchased separately.
  • Golf bag included. Not sold separately.
  • Covers included for Woods & Putter only.

*Junior sets do not come with a bag or headcovers.

Shipping, Trial, Warranty
  • Free US shipping
  • 30-Day Trial
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Free US shipping
  • 90-Day Trial
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Stix vs. Robin

9-Piece Set Winner: Stix

Stix wins on price and customer reviews. Robin’s trial is longer.


How does Stix feel compared to Robin? Which clubs better compensate for imperfect hits?

Forgiveness isn’t as clear cut as fit. You’ve got to try the clubs to know for sure.

We can tell you that Stix clubs are intentionally designed with lofts, weighting and balance that make long and straight shots easier to hit.


Stix Golf Logo Icon VS Robin Golf Logo
  1. Stix includes 8 clubs with graphite shafts. Robin includes only 3 and the rest are steel. Graphite shafts are much lighter, which means it’s easier to accelerate and hit with max power.
  2. The club head of the Stix driver is crafted from titanium, which lets us increase the size of the sweet spot without adding weight. Robin’s is steel.
  3. Stix features a Wood with a higher loft (5W). Robin’s Fairway Wood (3W) is very tricky to hit for most players.
  4. Stix features a larger size mallet style putter, which makes it more forgiving than a blade style like Robin’s.
  5. The Stix putter includes an oversize grip, where Robin’s is standard. Oversize grips improve putting accuracy.
  6. Stix clubs include built-in weighting and balance for peak performance right out of the box. Robin adds adjustable weights and bolts to the outside of the clubs, but you’ll spend more time guessing than playing.
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Verified Reviews

"Solid Clubs - Now my bag looks legit"

“I'm a relatively new golfer (about a year into it). I bought a starter set and ran with that for a while. Then I bought a nice driver. Then I bought this Stix set.

The clubs look really nice, which was what drew me to them originally (nice IG ads, btw). I took them out to the range last weekend and I'm really impressed with how they hit. I felt more control in the swing and none of the wonky stuff that I would see with my starter clubs… Exactly as advertised.

- Chris Overlay, 03/01/2021
"Best purchase of 2021"

“I am absolutely in love with these clubs. After seeing stix on one of my social media’s I was waiting until Rick Shiels gave them the green light for beginners like myself. They are lighter in weight than my hand me downs giving me better swing speed and longer distance. They are beautiful in appearance and I am constantly getting asked about them. Cannot wait to play more courses with these.”

- Antonio Hinnant, 03/25/2021
"Great Clubs"

“I’m a pretty beginner player and they are easy to hit far and pretty straight!”

- Hunter Griffith, 02/26/2021
"New player and clubs are making a difference"

“This is the first set of new clubs I have ever purchased...I love the look of the club's...super sexy in all black. Have not had issues yet with losing shine. All black design is super cool. I have picked up a good 10 to 15 yards on all of my drives with driver and irons. Overall very happy and the price was very good in comparison to other sets.”

- AnneMarie Jones, 04/08/2021
"Solid Gear"

"I'm still figuring out this game and have been using a hand me down set for a long time. It feels much better to keep learning with these slick looking Stix!"

- Dan K, 01/21/2020
"Excellent so far!"

"I’m definitely a casual golfer and new to the sport so these were exactly what I was looking for. I really like the consistency of feel across the board that all the clubs in my set have the same style grip, balance, club face and flex. Very helpful for someone who is trying to minimize variables and improve."

- Blake, 01/12/2021
"Why haven't you ordered a set yet?"

"After going from 15-year old hand me downs to these, it is a night and day difference. Being a casual golfer these clubs are super forgiving and the coolest looking clubs I've seen. I love how the people at Stix didn't try to re-invent the wheel at an affordable price, best purchase I've made in a while!"

- Drake Ofsthun, 10/09/2020
"Stix Premium Fee"

"I ordered Stix based on youtube reviews by GM Golf and Rick Shiels. I recently started playing again after a layoff of 15 years. My previous set was Honma and the technology was antiquated. After hitting balls on the range and playing twice with this set, I can tell you they feel great… The Irons are good looking and easy to hit. The driver and fairway metals feel premium. My favorite from the set is the Putter, well balanced with a soft feel. Really pleased with Stix."

- Eric Regnolds, 04/05/2021

The Robin 9-Piece Golf Club Set comes with the bag price built in with no option to purchase it separately. Let’s see how theirs stacks up to the Stix golf bag.

Stix Stand Golf Bag Stix Stand Golf Bag
Robin Golf Bag Robin Golf Bag
  • Premium weather-resistant canvas construction
  • Rain hood
  • 9" x 7" oval top with 6-way divider and 2 full length inner dividers
  • 6 large pockets with protected zippers, rubber pulls, a fleece lined valuables pocket and insulated cooler pocket
  • Wide stance aluminum legs
  • Double strap carry system
  • Dual lifting handles
  • Lightweight 4.5 lbs
  • 35"H x 9"W x 14"D
  • Available separately: $250
  • No information available on materials, size, or features
  • Not available separately
  • Junior sets do not come with a bag
Stix Headcovers Stix Golf Headcovers
Robin Headcovers
  • Covers included for Driver, Wood, Hybrid and Putter
  • Weather resistant
  • Snow canvas exterior
  • Fleece lined interior
  • Rubber tags for club markings
  • Available separately: $65
  • Black leather covers included for Woods and Putter only
  • No Driver or Hybrid covers
  • Not available separately
  • Junior sets do not come with headcovers

Verified Reviews

"Golf bag arrived"

"Yesterday I received the golf bag. All I can say is awesome. I Love the way it looks and it is super light. I am 63 and could easily walk the course with the lightweight bag and clubs. The clubs are also fantastic. I am hitting the ball better and love the look of them."

- Peter Fearon, 06/10/2021
"Awesome bag at a great price"

"I got my bag last week, and it is very well made, lots of extra room, and the handles and straps fit very well ergonomically. Plus, it looks really cool. I highly recommend this bag. Great bang for the buck."

- Nicholas Potter, 06/17/2021
"Phenomenally crafted Golf Bag"

"I’ve been needing a carry bag and the Stix bag is among the best in quality. But what really makes it better than all of the rest is the Value. Stix isn’t over pricing this bag, instead they are making it more accessible at every turn. Stix is changing how people view golf and this bag is just another example of that. 5 Stars without a shadow of a doubt."

- Noah Juelfs, 06/16/2021
"Great bag"

"The design and quality of the bag are amazing for the pricing. Would definitely recommend to new and veteran golfers. Thank you Stix!"

- Hadrian Marin, 06/21/2021
"Fantastic golf bag"

"I love this golf bag! Everything is really well thought out, plenty of storage and it really looks great. The straps are comfortable and i love the color!"

- Brian Hickey, 06/16/2021
"Happy ending 🏌🏻‍♀️"

"Best decision ever! Love all the 14 clubs and the bag. Now just waiting for my clubs cover and I’ll be all set 🏌🏻‍♀️ Thank you Stix 👍 It was worth the wait!"

- Laddawan Chavakespongse, 06/16/2021
"This bag complements my clubs so well!"

"Beautiful looking bag! Plenty of compartments! Enough room to hide some beer! 🍻"

- David Andersen, 06/20/2021

Both Stix and Robin claim quality on par with far pricier brands. Robin specifically says, “Built to the same standards as top-tier brands. Same manufacturers, same materials.”

Graphite close-up
Robin cuts costs by making only 3 clubs in more expensive graphite. (Their other 6 are steel, always cheaper.) Stix uses lightweight graphite for 8 out of 9 clubs.
Titanium close-up
Stix crafts our driver head with titanium — a premium metal — to increase the overall size and sweet spot without adding weight.
Black finish close-up
Robin’s all-black finish is likely to scratch fast without a special finish (and scratches aren’t covered in their warranty). All Stix irons and wedges feature a new enhanced durable coating for scratch resistance.

With both Stix and Robin you get a risk-free trial period. Check out the materials and quality yourself on the course, then decide.

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Stix vs. Robin:
Club Design

Robin and Stix clubs are both all black. But the design similarities end there.

Regularly described as “the coolest clubs I’ve seen”, Stix features modern, minimalist, clean lines. Reviewers call Stix clubs “stealth” because when you show up on the course, no one can tell you paid under $1k.

Robin clubs are more technical looking, with features like external weights and bolts that won’t make a difference for average and beginner players.

Look better, play better with Stix.

Stix vs. Robin:
Compare Everything
Total Customer Reviews

~300 unfiltered reviews

~100 reviews

Customization Options
  • Combine any length with any flex
  • Stiff Flex, Regular Flex, A Flex
  • 5 length options
  • Length and flex are set
  • One-flex-fits-all for women, men, kids
  • One-length-fits-all for women and men
Wide Height Range
  • Options for golfers from 5’0” to 6’7” tall
  • Fits adult golfers from 5’2” to 6’2” tall
Sets & Accessories
  • 9-Piece Casual Golf Set
  • 11- Piece Classic Golf Set
  • 14- Piece Complete Golf Set

All of the above sets come with or without the Stix Stand Bag and Headcovers — your choice.

  • 3-Piece Wedge Set
  • Stix Stand Golf Bag (sold separately)
  • Stix Headcovers (sold separately)
  • Limited edition smaller sets
  • Stylish accessories
  • 9-Piece Club Essential Set (Women’s, Men’s & Junior)

If you want to build up to a 14-piece set, you’ll need clubs from a different brand.

  • Designed to be forgiving right out of the box
  • Added weights and bolts to compensate for challenging lofts, poor weighting and balance
  • All premium, lightweight graphite shafts, except the steel putter
  • Titanium driver
  • Mostly steel (heavier and cheaper)
Bag & Headcovers Sold Separately?
  • Yes. Only buy a set with the Stix Stand Bag and Headcovers if you need them. Otherwise, just buy the clubs and save
  • No option to buy Robin sets without their bag and headcovers
Bag Features
  • Premium weather-resistant canvas with rain hood
  • 9" x 7" oval top with 6-way divider and 2 full length inner dividers
  • Large pockets with protected zippers, rubber pulls, a fleece lined valuables pocket and insulated cooler pocket (6 pockets total)
  • Wide stance aluminum legs, ergonomic double strap carry system, and dual lifting handles
  • Lightweight (4.5 lbs)

Price if purchased separately: $250

  • No information available
  • Not available separately
  • Junior sets do not come with a bag or headcovers



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Payment Method Logos

Instructors and advanced golf players rave about Stix, too.

Compared to Robin, Stix clubs are also designed with more forgiveness built in. You’ll love how easy it is to hit faster, farther and with more accuracy.

These are clubs that golfers of all ages and abilities say are a joy to swing.

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Verified Reviews

"Great clubs"

“I am new to the game and am just learning and I took my set to the range today and my golf pro was very complimentary and said that I had made a great choice. He tried them out and said I made an excellent choice"

- William Barnes, 03/23/2021
"I was skeptical"

"I bought this set because i am learning golf but didn’t want to buy cheap clubs and really didn’t want used clubs either. I did a lot of homework and then pulled the trigger. I’m so glad I did. The clubs are great, my instructor told me they are fantastic and I can grow with them and not be in deep if I didn’t stick with it."

- Harvey Thomas, 05/11/2021
"Great clubs!"

"“These were my second set of golf clubs, I’m learning but I’m feeling ready for some play. I saw the reviews and purchased them and even my golf instructor was very surprised. He said that they feel great and look amazing! I feel the same way!"

- Alvaro Lira, 10/15/2020
"Great looking and performing set!"

"These clubs have exceeded my expectations. They are working perfectly for me, a beginner. Some of my more experienced golf buddies gave these a rip and were very impressed. They arrived undamaged and in great condition. Even after a few games already they are holding up nicely and still look new."

- Chett, 02/07/2021
"Super happy"

"I wanted a good beginner set that could last me while I learn how to play golf… Even though my swing needs some work the clubs are great. They look sick and my golfer friends hit them like they cost 3x as much. Would recommend. The stix team has also been very helpful. THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!"

- Chase Shumway, 01/21/2021
"Great looking clubs, awesome support team"

"As someone relatively new to golf, this set is awesome and hits the mark on everything from look, style, feel, performance etc. A few friends tested them out (more avid golfers than myself) and also had nothing but good things to say about the whole set of clubs from performance to how cool the all black look is. Support team was also awesome throughout the whole process. Overall great experience thus far."

- Anthony, 02/24/2021

Choosing the right clubs isn’t easy, especially when you’re just starting out.

Now you can skip the pricey fitting and forgo the regrets. Stix clubs come with a worry-free 30 Day Trial.

Put our clubs through the paces during that 30-day period. If they don’t feel right, just contact us for a hassle-free refund or exchange.

So really, you’re not deciding now. You’re deciding after your risk-free trial.

Guarantee Icon

Rather buy now and pay over time? We get it — and we’ve got you covered with installment options.

Just choose Sezzle or Affirm or at checkout. Sign-up is easy and approval is instant. We’ll put your name on a set of Stix clubs the moment you check out, but you’ll pay over 6 weeks in 4 interest-free payments.

There's no catch, no fees, and no impact on your credit.


  • As long as we have them on hand (we may sell out), we will ship them out within 1 business day, which means you get to swing them within 3-6 business days typically. Don't worry; we will send you a tracking number that you can obsess over until they arrive.

  • Due to our direct-to-consumer business model, we’re able to build clubs using great technology, quality materials with precision finishes for exceptional value, and pass along that savings directly to golfers instead of consumers forced to pay the retail mark-up price.

  • Stix is perfect for the casual golfer, regardless of skill level, from beginner to more advanced. They perform as well as many elite brands, you just don’t have to pay the hefty price tag.

  • We are a small company based outside of Chicago and have been designing and developing our set for over a year. We are working with an established top tier manufacturing partner who also builds clubs for other top brands.

  • Stix does not include club head covers, bags or otherwise.

  • You may find our return policy here.

  • is available for any inquiries.

  • "I’m interested in purchasing more than one set, as I want to purchase a set for me, but also additional sets for family members."

    If you’re interested in purchasing multiple sets, please contact us at

  • Yes, please contact us to receive additional information.

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