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The Best Golf Clubs For Teens

Stix Golf Clubs for Teens

If you are searching for teen's golf clubs, you’ve found them at Stix. With different flexes, heights, and dexterities available, you can customize your set to be perfect for your preferences - not the other way around.

At Stix, we offer the same set of clubs to everyone, regardless of gender or age. All of our clubs feature graphite shafts with various flexes available: do you have a fast, powerful swing? Try stiff. Swinging slower and softer? You’d likely enjoy our A-flex. Clubs aren’t one size fits all specific to age or gender, and you should always choose what works best for your playing style.

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Stix Wood
Stix Diamond-Like Coating: The Ultimate Black Finish

While black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings are the standard in the golf industry for black clubs, and Stix used the strongest PVD coating available, we were still not happy with the longevity of the finish on our clubs. Our goal is to provide the best quality and design available so we saw no choice but to switch to the best possible option, a Diamond-Like Coating finish, which is currently only available on a limited number of extremely high end clubs.

Stix Iron
WHAT IS Diamond-Like Coating?

It is a unique form of vapor deposition that produces a synthetic diamond coating over the club. This provides an extremely high level of durability and scratch resistance.

Stix Wood

Our new Diamond-Like Coating finish means that not only do the new Stix irons and weges look and feel amazing, but that they should remain that way after a lifetime of normal wear and tear as well. Also, due to our direct-to-consumer model and commitment to fair pricing, we are disrupting the industry by providing this level of quality finish to you at the lowest possible price.

New Products & Set Options

In addition to Diamond-Like Coating and our expanded shaft flex, length, and dexterity options, we’re happy to introduce a highly requested wedge set.

Each full set includes our updated iron design, which will be soon available as its own set. This redesign preserves the playability and forgiveness you’re used to in Stix irons, with game improvements like improved cavity backs and a simpler shape with a reduced sole width.

Bags & Headcovers

We heard you loud and clear when you told us what you wanted and we’re happy to offer headcovers in addition to the Stix Stand Bag. Similar to our bag, our headcovers are weather resistant with a snow canvas exterior, fleece lined interior, and a sleek design that pairs well with our clubs.

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