Keeping an 3 sport athlete active in sports after tragedy

Keeping an 3 sport athlete active in sports after tragedy

Play it Forward

At Stix, we want to make the game of golf more accessible. We believe golf enriches lives, and we want to see more people enjoying the game with great gear. It’s not lost on us that not everyone can afford golf clubs even as we have aimed to lower the cost and complexity of the buying process.

We like to share the stories of people we are helping get into great gear, because we believe it's all about the people and the stories, not just the hardware.

Recipient Request

Hey my name is [removed] I’m 20 years old and a little over a year ago I was burned in an explosion inside a camper. The explosion was caused by a leak in the gas stove and it burned me and killed my dog. Before the accident I was a 3 sport athlete and loved any type of exercise. During the explosion I inhaled some of the fire causing permanent damage to my air way. The doctors have told me my breathing will never be back how it was before the accident. Since my breathing is so bad I can no longer do the things I loved to do before getting injured. I still have the passion for sports and competition but can no longer compete in those sports so I have had to search for a sport I can do with my circumstances now. I believe golf is my way of being able to still participate in sports. I recently came across your company and fell in love with your clubs and products. There only one problem. I am not in a point in my life to where I am financially stable enough to purchase your products

I know this is probably a little ridiculous to ask a company trying to make money for some of there stuff especially since Y’all don’t know me but something like this really could make a huge difference in my life. This would give me a chance to start living a little bit more normal life like before I was injured. Thanks for your time. Also I have pics of injuries to prove I’m not just making this up.

Recipients Father-in-law response

My soon to be son-in-law contacted you via twitter not long ago and was inquiring about your clubs. He was burned in a fire where his throat and vocal cords were damaged to the extent that they remain partially closed. He was always very active in sports growing up, but because of the accident he can no longer participate in sports such as baseball, football or any other that require heavy breathing. After hearing the reason he was now looking into golf for exercise, your company sent him a set of clubs for free.

He practices with them on a daily basis and has a putting carpet set up in his home now. I simply wanted to say Thank You for doing this kind act. It is good to know that companies like yours are around. I myself will be looking to purchase a set of new clubs later this year and I can promise you it will be a set of Stix Golf clubs and will passing your name around the clubhouse.


Become a part of someone else's story

Will you partner with us to get our clubs into the hands of as many people as we can and share the love this holiday season? We will match every $ you spend on Play it Forward to deliver clubs to some well deserving folks. Together we can make golf more accessible for everyone during this season and beyond. You can contribute by purchasing here.

If you would like to apply to receive clubs, we would love to hear your story. You can fill out the online application to be considered for a hook up.