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Stiff vs. Regular Flex: Which Golf Shaft is Right for You?

A wall most golfers run into when buying clubs is what flex to buy, and what flex is right for their game. Your power and swing might be perfect, but if the flex of your clubs doesn’t match, your golf game will suffer. Many golf club manufacturers believe that you have to spend tons of money on a custom fitting, but it’s really not that complicated. In this guide, we’re going to explain what shaft flex is, the different types of flex, and how to choose the right one to match your golf game.

What Does Flex Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Shaft flex is fairly self-explanatory–it refers to how flexible the shaft of a particular golf club is. Shaft flex can be determined by the material used as well as how it’s been constructed. Typically, graphite shafts are lighter and more flexible than steel shafts, though it depends on how thick the shaft is. At Stix, we use graphite for our club shafts.

Why does it matter so much which flex you choose? Two words: Power and Accuracy. The wrong shaft flex can tank your accuracy, slow you down, and make you hit low slices. Having the right shaft flex, on the other hand, allows you to make contact with the perfect amount of power. If you’re a golfer with a powerful swing but struggle to land the ball where you want it, the wrong shaft flex may be to blame.

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Types of Flex in Golf Shafts

The golf industry will tell you that there are a variety of flexes from junior to ladies to pro and many levels in between. However, we think this is just one of the many ways the golf industry has gotten too complicated. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what gender you are; all that matters is how fast you swing the club. In general, the more flexible, the more forgiving the swing and the greater distance you can achieve with less power. The stiffer the shaft, the more distance you can reach with a more powerful swing. We’ll dive into each of the specific shaft flex types and which ones we carry here at Stix.

Active Flex

Whether you’re brand new to golf or just have a naturally slower swing, Active Flex shafts could go a long way in improving your game. For those that drive the ball less than 200 yards, Active Flex will whip the club head to the ball faster than your swing might normally allow for. Most juniors, women, and seniors benefit from this flex. We were very intentional about which shaft flexes to carry, which is why we chose to offer Active Flex rather than overcomplicate things with half a dozen different flex types.

Regular Flex

Over 80% of golfers use Regular Flex when out on the course. Regular Flex is for golfers who hit between 80 and 95 miles per hour with a carry distance of around 200-230 yards. If you’re a semi-regular golfer or approaching the intermediate stage, Regular Flex shafts are probably the perfect option for you.

Stiff Flex

Stiff Flex shafts are usually recommended for taller golfers or those with swings over 95 miles per hour. If you don’t know your swing speed but can carry your drive over 230 yards, Stiff Flex would be a great option for you. If you typically hit at a distance of 240-270 yards but are lacking accuracy with those hits, a Stiff Flex could help dial your game in. We carry Stiff Flex clubs here at Stix and recommend them for golfers of average to advanced skill levels.

Senior Flex

Originally referred to as the amateur flex (A) and mature or medium flex (M), the Senior Flex club is for those who hit between 75-85 miles per hour with a carry distance of 180 to 200 yards. Our Active Flex clubs can do everything a Senior Flex club can do, and more.

Ladies Flex

The Ladies Flex club has the most flexible shaft and is cut to a shorter length than other clubs. Choose a Ladies Flex driver if you hit below 75 miles per hour and have a carry distance of 180 yards or less. If this sounds like you, our Ladies Flex or Active Flex clubs will work for you.

Junior Flex

Junior Flex clubs are designed to help young golfers get into the game and perform successfully. These golf clubs are typically lighter weight and designed for swing speeds of 75 miles per hour and below. Our Active Flex clubs are comparable to Junior Flex clubs.

Extra Stiff Flex

Most professional golfers use Extra Stiff Flex clubs, so unless you’re headed to Augusta National sometime soon, you likely don’t need one. But, if your average club head speed is 110 miles per hour or more and you’re consistently hitting with a distance of around 270 yards, an Extra Stiff Flex staff could be for you. This shaft will still allow you to hit powerfully while also giving greater control and accuracy over those shots.

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How To Choose the Right Flex for Your Clubs

Before determining the best shaft flex for your clubs, you’ll need to take a few measurements, namely your average swing speed and average driving distance. Fortunately, you can determine both from a nice afternoon at the driving range with the help of a friend.

Start by driving ten balls on the range, recording the distance each once travels before hitting the ground (don’t include rolling distance). Omit the longest and shortest distances to eliminate possible outliers, then average the remaining distances.

Next, divide your average drive distance by 2.3 to determine your average swing speed in miles per hour. For example, if your average drive distance is 220 yards then your average swing speed is about 95 mph, which means a Regular Flex shaft should be perfect for you.

It’s not all about the numbers, however. Sometimes, a golfer needs to feel out each flex in order to know what works best for them. Don’t feel like you have to use a particular shaft flex if the numbers dictate you should, especially if it just doesn’t feel right. You can also use the below shaft length and flex charts to help you choose the right club for you.

Golf Shaft Length and Flex Charts

Shaft Length

 Shaft Length Min Height Max Height
Ladies Standard 5'0" 5'7"
Short (-0.5") 5'3" 5'7"
Standard 5'8" 6'1"
Tall (+0.5") 6'1" 6'5"

Shaft Flex 

Flex  Swing Speed Driver Distance Personas
Ladies Slow - Controlled Under 180 Yards Ladies
Active Slower - Controlled Under 200 Yards Sr., Ladies, Jr.
Regular Average - 80% of Golfers Over 200 Yards Average Height & Strength
Stiff Fast - Aggressive Over 230 Yards Tall or Heavy Hitters

Still need help deciding what the right fit is? Talk to an expert.

Find Your Best Golf Game

Finding the right clubs is easier than you think. You don’t need to get fitted for overpriced clubs. Instead, at Stix, we’re simplifying the game by offering high-quality clubs that are made to give you your best golf game at an affordable price. Check out our modern clubs and level up your golf game today. 

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