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What is a 460cc Driver? (Golfers Guide to Drivers)

A driver is arguably the most important club a golfer can carry. Whether you’re playing 18 holes or just hitting the driving range after work, you need a driver. You might already be aware that drivers come in all shapes and sizes, shaft flexes, and more, each feature bringing its own set of benefits and challenges. If you’ve been frustrated with your shots off the tee, your current driver may be to blame–and a 460cc driver may be the answer.

What is a 460cc Driver?

A 460cc driver is a type of golf club used for hitting long shots off the tee. The term "460cc" refers to the size of the clubhead, which is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). The USGA dictates that 460cc is the maximum volume allowed while playing an official game of golf.

A 460cc driver clubhead is typically made of lightweight materials such as titanium or composite materials, which allows golfers to generate greater clubhead speed and distance. The size of the clubhead also provides a larger "sweet spot" on the face of the club, making it easier to hit the ball cleanly and achieve maximum distance.

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How Are Club Heads Measured?

Clubheads in golf are typically measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or sometimes in cubic inches (in³). The measurement refers to the volume of the clubhead, which is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and depth of the clubhead. For example, a clubhead that is 4 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches deep would have a volume of 24 cubic inches or approximately 393 cc.

Is a 460cc Driver Any Good?

Clubhead size is incredibly important because it can affect a golfer's ability to generate clubhead speed, hit the ball cleanly, and achieve maximum distance. Drivers typically have larger clubheads than other clubs, such as irons or wedges, because a larger clubhead can provide a larger "sweet spot" on the face of the club and allow for greater forgiveness on less-than-perfect shots.

A 460cc driver, as per the USGA, is the largest clubhead allowed in golf and therefore has the largest sweet spot. Golfers can generate a ton of power and distance with a 460cc driver. For beginner or casual golfers, this type of driver can be a real confidence booster while you’re working on your backswing.

What is the Ideal Tee Height for a 460cc Driver?

The ideal tee height for a 460cc driver can vary depending on a golfer's swing, their height, and the type of shot they want to hit, but a general rule of thumb is to tee the ball up so that the equator (center) of the ball is level with the crown (top) of the driver at address. This usually means using a 2.5 to 3.25-inch tee for a 460cc driver.

Teeing the ball at the correct height can help golfers achieve the optimal launch angle and spin rate for their swing speed and maximize their distance off the tee. If you tee the ball too low, you’ll likely hit down on the ball, creating a lower trajectory and a shorter distance. If you tee the ball too high, you’ll get a higher launch trajectory and more spin, which can result in shorter distances and even compromise your accuracy.

Of course, you should experiment with different tee heights to find the best tee height for your swing and driver of your choice. Some golfers prefer to tee the ball lower for more control, while others prefer a higher tee for a higher launch and more distance.

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How Far Can a 460cc Driver Hit?

As previously mentioned, the larger the clubhead, the greater power and distance it can generate. The distance you can achieve with a 460cc driver can vary widely depending your swing speed, the angle of the clubface at impact, the type of ball used, and the playing conditions. A great shot by a professional golfer with a 460cc driver can travel up to 300 yards with the right power, though a beginner or high-handicapper might realistically see distances around 200 yards. 

In contrast, a professional golfer with a 430cc driver may reach a maximum of 275 yards, while average golfers might see around 175-180 yards. The tradeoff is that 430cc drivers have a bit more shot-shaping power, which is why more experienced golfers sometimes prefer these types of drivers. 

The added distance and forgiveness of a 460cc driver can change how golfers approach certain holes or course layouts. With longer drives, you may find yourself with shorter approach shots or even reaching par-5 greens in two shots. This can lead to more birdie and eagle opportunities, ultimately improving your scores.

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Why 460cc Drivers are Perfect for the Casual Golfer

A 460cc driver can provide generous forgiveness and distance for beginner and high-handicappers alike. The confidence gained from using a 460cc driver can really make or break your typical afternoon golf game. If you’re wondering how to level up your golf game without taking lessons or spending tons of time you don’t have on repetitive drills, a 460cc driver might just be the club for you.

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