Golf Club Sets

Browse our modern, high-quality golf club sets that help you improve your game in style. Our up-to-the-minute club design makes maximum quality and performance accessible for any golfer at any level.



Never cut corners, always turn heads. Our clubs are built with the highest quality stainless steel, titanium, and graphite.



Built to the latest technical specs while receiving international design recognition and being sold in the Museum of Modern Art.



From the casting, milling, and coating to assembly, Stix makes no compromises when it comes to building our golf clubs.

Look Better

Play Better

Outmatch your buddies in both style and skill with a set of Stix. Our clubs are designed to help you build confidence in your golf game. No clutter or noise — just sleek, modern minimalism.

Top Quality

Fairly Priced

Look like a million bucks, play like a million bucks, but don’t pay a million bucks. At Stix, we believe golf should be accessible and fun for everyone. That’s why we developed beautiful, sleek clubs that help you dial in your golf game without breaking the bank.


Your Game

With up to 14 clubs, 5 heights & 3 flexes, enjoy clubs that fit without getting a fitting.

Welcome to Team Stix

Sleek Design, Optimum Performance

With a Stix golf club set, you’ll start dropping strokes off your game in no time. Each club is lightweight, allowing for smooth and controlled strokes every time while still bringing the power you need. Our golf clubs' sleek scratch-resistant design keeps scratches to a minimum so your clubs will still look sharp game after game. Whether you need a casual 9-club set or a complete set of 14 clubs, we’ve got you covered with the best-looking clubs on the market. Customize your set with the shaft length and flexibility that’s right for you.

Premium Quality Clubs at a Fair Price

Why overpay for big brand clubs when Stix offers high-quality club sets for a fraction of the price? At Stix, we believe every golfer, no matter their handicap, deserves an amazing set of clubs. That’s why our golf clubs are built with the same premium materials as other clubs that cost 3x as much. We designed clubs for golfers like us who want to get outside, enjoy a few beers with our buddies, and play a decent round of golf. With a Stix golf club set, you can comfortably step up to the tee without breaking the bank and experience the next level in your golf game.

What are you waiting for? Your new favorite club set is only a click away.