Stix golf clubs offer style and performance

An Update to Golf Style

Golf has been slowly evolving and so too has its style rules. Some younger golfers are bucking convention in favor of more comfortable and stylish attire (how could we forget The Hoodie Caper of 2020?!), but many players are still holding onto traditional golf apparel despite the prevalence of more options, greater fabric technology, and versatility.

The majority of golfers are on the course to have fun and maybe work on their handicap, so a closet full of plaid pants and polos that can’t be worked into their everyday wardrobe is less than ideal. Stix is – unsurprisingly – on the side of change: fewer rules concerning clothing makes golf more affordable to pursue as a whole new wardrobe isn’t required. Throw in affordable golf clubs and the sport is infinitely more accessible to all.

But, how do you even begin to tackle the new fashion rules of golf in 2021? If you’re struggling to find the look that’ll elevate your golf attire, allow us to get you up to speed on the trends and clothing updates you’ll find online and on the course.

More Choices

The golf course is much livelier these days with a bigger variety of clothing options available. Brands like Bad Birdies have opened the flood gates of which patterns are acceptable on the golf course, as well as the appearance of playful accessories like bucket hats.

If you’re not a fan of chinos, don a pair of joggers. Over the polo look (even one with new tech), grab a hoodie. As long as you’re not wearing ripped clothing or – could you imagine?! – jeans, the golf world is much more open to personal fashion choices.

Pro tip:  Check with your golf course before play so you’re not breaking any of their specific appearance and grooming rules. 

Innovative Materials

In addition to more eye-catching clothing, golf apparel has advanced in great strides regarding garment technology. This technology is in keeping with what younger generations want: easy clothing that doesn’t involve a lot of fuss.

These new intelligent fabrics facilitate a better performance with moisture wicking abilities to draw perspiration from the skin, stretch for mobility, and breathability for temperature regulation. Some fabrics are also wrinkle resistant, making it that much easier to get up for those early tee times. Overall, the newer materials make putting an outfit together for a match a simple, low key process regardless of the weather.

Pro tip:  Different clothing tech offers different benefits. If you’re hoping to keep out the chill, windproof outerwear is your best bet. Rain? Waterproof tech repels water to keep you dry.

Best for Work & Play

Since the pandemic began, the line between work and leisure has blurred, and so have our wardrobes for the two. The need for our clothing items to pull double duty has become more important than ever. Clothes that work for Zoom and then for a quick nine after work are a plus all around, especially when it comes to your wallet. 

Apparel companies like Travis Mathew seem to pull this off effortlessly with tops and bottoms designed to take you from work to the course and back home. Combining style with the aforementioned tech that makes clothing more functional, styles like Travis Mathew and others are what we believe will become the norm in golf attire.

Pro tip:  Determining your style is dependent on you. If you’re more of a traditional person and would prefer to keep it basic with khakis and a solid polo, you do you. At Stix, we believe in looking your best to feel your best and play your best.

A great kick starter to a wardrobe refresh are new golf clubs. Our all-black golf clubs go with anything, even that ball you just duffed.