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The Hoodie Caper

For some golf enthusiasts, the scariest sight this last week wasn’t related to Halloween, but the appearance of a hoodie on the course - on a PGA winner no less. I’m sure you read about the controversy on social media, Tyrrell Hatton wore a hoodie when he won the BMW PGA Championship. It certainly caused quite the stir even though Hatton wasn’t the first one to do so,  and he said,“It’s comfy, what’s the issue?”

Apparently there is an issue. A club in England sent a note to its members, declaring that hoodies are prohibited and compared them, incredibly, to “designer ripped jeans.”

WOW. At Stix we embrace change and love that the sport of golf is evolving to reflect the younger players out on the course not sporting the pleated pants and plaid, but fun patterned shirts from  Bad Birdie and the modern versatile looks of  Travis Mathew that seamlessly go from work to the course. 

Courtesy of Bad Birdie via Facebook

Courtesy of Bad Birdie via Facebook

We believe attire and gear should reflect the times while also respecting the game’s integrity. It's why we started Stix: to create modern golf clubs for the modern golfer, and we hope to be more than that as we grow as a brand. Stay tuned as we expand the Stix ethos into other golf gear. 

#TeamStix is here for all fans and players of the game that want to combine the love and respect of the game while debunking the traditional look of golf with modern, minimalistic designs.   

So that is our take on the Hoodie caper....and you want to know what we think is the scariest? Over-hyped tech that promises you’ll improve your game when we all know it all comes down to the person doing the swinging. Have fun out there and stay safe & healthy. 

-Team Stix