Must Have Golf Accessories for Millennials

Must Have Golf Accessories for Millennials

With the rise of COVID-19, more and more people are taking up golf, with many millennials entering the sport and searching for modern golf gear - and the accessories to match. For those hoping to make their golf experience more hip, a black golf club set from Stix Golf will easily upgrade your look, and there are plenty of other ways to amp up outfits with the latest in golf accessories.

One of the best ways to add style is starting from the ground and working your way up. We’ve mentioned before how much we love TRUE Linkswear, but it bears repeating: their comfortable and ultra-stylish shoes are a sure way to modernize traditional golfer attire while complimenting your Stix black golf club set. Plus, they’re waterproof for those rainy autumn and winter rounds.  


In addition to shoes, a golf club bag is an awesome and functional way to add instant style to your on-course look. Jones is a brand that can take you to the next level with carry bags and stand bags, as well as other golf accessories. Sleek and attractive, you can’t go wrong with one of their bags to carry your clubs. And they even come in all black to match your Stix black golf club set. Score!



Golf club covers are another popular option for millennial golfers hoping to add flair to their set up. There are club covers with almost any design you can imagine (seriously, you can get a cover customized to look exactly like your pet) and it’s fairly easy to find something to match your style. Travis Mathew is one such brand that has a number of cover options that are lowkey but cool, plus a number of other add-ons like sunglasses and hats.



One of the final things to add to your bag to really add some flavor is a portable Bluetooth speaker. People of all ages love listening to music, and it’s not reserved for just the millennial crowd – this can be a relaxing or uplifting addition depending on what you’re looking for on the course. (Of course, please be mindful of the people around you and turn it down or off when people are teeing off!)

There are any number of ways to customize your golf look, including funky golf towels and opting for jogger style pants versus shorts or pleated pants. Regardless, the sport is no longer an endless sea of plaid and golf caps – you can make it entirely your own no matter if you go monochrome to match your black golf club set or funky eclectic a la Bill Murray.