College student is outplaying his friends with a $25 thrift store set

College student is outplaying his friends with a $25 thrift store set

Play it Forward

At Stix, we want to make the game of golf more accessible. We believe golf enriches lives, and we want to see more people enjoying the game with great gear. It’s not lost on us that not everyone can afford golf clubs even as we have aimed to lower the cost and complexity of the buying process.

We like to share the stories of people we are helping get into great gear, because we believe it's all about the people and the stories, not just the hardware.

Recipient Request

So I am currently a college student and I am a busser at a small restaurant, I started golfing at the beginning of the year and started with 25$ set and it’s still my current set, I just needed a couple of wedges and a driver but it came with a set of woman’s clubs and didn’t know you had to be fitted but I played a full year with these and have improved my game jurastically just with these clubs. I sought out for some Stix clubs because of the appeal and the demand of some budget friendly clubs and they have the best minimalistic design. I can’t buy them due to school and some other projects but I want these to be able to improve my game of golf and have a fitted build. When i was interested in buying them I was looking at your wedge sets and the bag and I was hoping I could get it for 500$ for that’s the most I could afford spending but the game of golf calls me and stix as well.

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Will you partner with us to get our clubs into the hands of as many people as we can and share the love this holiday season? We will match every $ you spend on Play it Forward to deliver clubs to some well deserving folks. Together we can make golf more accessible for everyone during this season and beyond. You can contribute by purchasing here.

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If you would like to apply to receive clubs, we would love to hear your story. You can fill out the online application to be considered for a hook up.