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Ultimate Golf Gift Guide (28 Gifts for Golf Lovers)

When it comes to golfers, there are tons of great gift options available. From the latest golf gadgets to classic essentials, there's a wide array of thoughtful presents that can enhance their golfing experience and help them elevate their game. In this blog, we'll explore a handpicked selection of gift ideas that will bring joy to the golfers in your life. Whether you’re shopping for holiday, birthday, anniversary gifts, or just because, these gift ideas for the golf lover in your life will be sure to please.

28 Best Golf Gifts for Any Budget

From apparel to accessories, gear, and more, here are some of the best gifts for golf lovers.

Golf Shoes

Need a gift for the golfer in your life that’s also a sneakerhead? We’ve got you covered with some amazing golf shoes from reputable brands that know their stuff. The right pair of shoes can help them play their best and look fresh out on the course.

1. Air Jordan 1 Low G Golf Shoes by Nike

Nike Jordan Golf Shoe

Photo credit: Nike

Nike is the authority on just about everything sportswear, shoes included. These Air Jordans are the perfect golf shoes, featuring Air cushioning underfoot so you’ll stay comfortable all the way to the eighteenth hole. These shoes also come in various color schemes to fit the style of any golfer. 

Shop Air Jordan 1 Low Golf Shoes for Women →

2. True Lux Hybrid Golf Shoe by Truelinks

TRUE LUX Hybrid Gofl Shoe

Photo credit: TRUE

TRUE is a shoe brand designed by golfers, for golfers. This brand features a wide variety of golf shoes for warm weather, cold weather, and all-weather golfing all with sleek, attractive designs. The True Lux Hybrid shoes are the most comfortable spineless golf shoes available and are perfect for any type of weather. They’re also waterproof for extra durability on the course.

Golf Towels

Keeping your golf gear clean is crucial for its longevity. Golf towels are a great gift for golfers that shows you understand this fundamental principle.

3. Magnetic Towel by Ghost Golf

Ghost golf towels

Photo credit: Ghost Golf

Help your golfer keep their gear clean with a magnetic microfiber towel from Ghost Golf. These golf towels feature a strong magnet, ultra-absorbent microfiber, and a waffle weave that helps golfers keep their clubs and golf balls looking like new. 

4. Golf Towels by Sunday Swagger

Sunday Swagger golf towel

Photo credit: Sunday Swagger

Sunday Swagger makes great gear for golfers with big personalities. Their golf towels feature beautiful, bright prints that will surely be the envy of everyone else on the course.

Golf Bags

A well-organized golf bag can really streamline a golfer’s game. Help your golfer level up by getting them a new golf bag for an extra special occasion.

5. Sunday Golf Bags

Sunday Golf has a wide selection of golf bags in a variety of colors and styles. Their ultra-light Loma bag is a crowd favorite, weighing just under two pounds for easy toting around the course. They also offer full-sized bags for maximalists who prefer carrying all fourteen clubs and then some.

6. The MV2 Golf Bag by MNML 

MV2 golf bag

Photo credit: MNML

Got a minimalist in your life? This is the golf bag for them. Available in black or white, this sleek golf bag is designed to help golfers carry the essentials without any unnecessary frills. The Tech Kit add-on provides a solar-powered charging station for a smartphone and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the ultimate golfing experience.

7. Stix Stand Golf Bag

Stix stand bag

For golfers who prefer a no-frills approach to their game, the Stix Stand Golf Bag is perfect. Featuring a comfortable double strap system, lifting handles, and wide stance, the Stix Stand Bag is both reliable and easy to carry on the course. Water-resistant materials, protected pockets for your valuables, and a cooler pocket round out the offering to make this bag the perfect on-course companion for any golfer.


Golf clubs can be a significant financial investment, so you want to make sure they’re well taken care of. Headcovers are a great way to show golfers you care and want to help protect their investment, too. Here are some of our favorite headcovers that will make great gifts.

8. Seamus Golf Headcovers

Seamus headcovers help golfers showcase their personalities in style. These headcovers feature a wide variety of styles and designs that range from silly to sophisticated. They come in various premium materials, from waxed canvas to leather, tartan, fleece, and more. There’s a headcover for everyone at Seamus Golf!

9. Headcovers by Devereux Golf

Help your golfer stand out on the course with a headcover from Devereux. Devereux Golf makes golf apparel and accessories for those who tend toward a more modern and edgy design. Their leather headcovers feature their iconic skull logo, a striking look for any golf bag. The faux suede interior keeps golf clubheads protected while not in use.

Golf Gloves

Gloves make a great gift for golfers, whether as an addition to a larger gift or on their own. Here are some of our favorite golf gloves that are sure to please.

10. Asher Golf Gloves

Give the gift of luxury with a glove from Asher Golf. These gloves are made of premium leather and feature gorgeous colors and stitching. Golfers will enjoy the superior grip and supple feel of these gloves, as well as the way they elevate any golf outfit.

11. Eco-Hybrid Golf Glove

Stix Golf Glove

Our Eco-Hybrid Golf Glove is the perfect summer golf glove. Featuring a premium Cabretta leather palm for improved grip, the rest of the glove is made of REPREVE® stretchy performance mesh to help keep hands cool and dry all day long. Best of all? The Eco-Hybrid Glove saves around half of a plastic bottle from the landfill or ocean by using REPREVE® recycled polyester, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Golf Polos

A stylish, flattering polo is a great gift for any golfer. Bonus points if the polo features moisture-wicking material, UPF protection, and more. Check out these top brands that offer premium golf polos.

12. Polos by Bad Birdie

Bad Birdie makes some of the best golf apparel for men, women, and kids. They offer a wide variety of golf polos and shirts that feature bright, modern designs and premium materials. Bad Birdie polos are super stretchy, wrinkle and odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and feature UPF 50 sun protection for long days in the sun. Their shirts make an amazing gift for your favorite golfer.

13. The Performance Range Polo by Criquet

For golfers who prefer more toned-down apparel, the Performance Range Polo by Criquet is the way to go. These polos are lightweight, breathable, and easy to care for, featuring a timeless silhouette that’s always in style.

Golf Pants

Complete the look with some high-quality golf pants.

14. The Commuter Pant by Bad Birdie

Lightweight, stylish, stretchy. These are the ultimate golf pants from Bad Birdie. Featuring four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties, these pants are designed for maximum comfort for all-day play. The Commuter Pant is a fantastic gift for any golfer–just don’t forget the matching Bad Birdie Polo!

15. Everyday Pant 2.0 by Bylt Basics

Available in multiple colors and measurements, the Everyday Pant 2.0 from Bylt is perfect for–well, every day. These pants included a slim, tapered fit with premium stretch material for ultimate comfort and style. The side zip pocket adds a unique touch, perfect for stashing tees or ball markers while on the course.

Golf Hats

A new hat is a great gift for any golfer. With so many hours spent in the sun, golfers benefit greatly from wearing hats while playing. Here are some stylish golf hats that make excellent gifts.

16. Hats by Devereux Golf

Help your favorite golfer stay fresh while blocking the sun's rays with a stylish hat from Devereux. Their hats feature flashy designs and versatile styles that will please the most fashionable golfers. 

17. Stix Performance Golf Rope Hat

Stix golf hat rope

Take your golf game to the next level with the Stix Premium Performance Golf Hat, a must-have for dedicated golfers. This essential piece of golf wear perfectly combines style, comfort, and practicality. Designed with mesh panels for enhanced airflow and crafted from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, it ensures you stay comfortable and focused, even during the warmest days on the course. Durable and built to last, the Stix Performance Golf Hat is specifically engineered to endure the challenges of the golf course.

Also available without rope.

Gadgets and Tech

Need to buy a gift for someone who’s both a gearhead and a golfer? Here are some of the best golf gadgets and tech that golfers will love.

18. The Prism Rangefinder by Pinned

A golf rangefinder helps golfers accurately measure distances to various targets on the course, aiding in club selection and course management. For golfers looking for any way to improve their game, the Prism Rangefinder is the ultimate gift. It’s also available in multiple colors for extra personalization.

19. The Approach R10 by Garmin

A launch monitor provides comprehensive data and analysis about a golf ball's flight and the performance of the golf club used to strike the ball. Launch monitors are valuable tools for golfers and make excellent gifts. The Approach R10 by Garmin is one of the best available and is easily portable between home, the driving range, or the course. Golfers can also record each shot to analyze their game further.

Pull Carts and Caddies

Take a load off! These pull carts and caddies make schlepping around the course much easier.

20. Switch Pull Cart by Kaddey

Kaddy Switch cart with Stix clubs in bag

Photo credit: Kaddey

The Switch Pull Cart is extremely lightweight and perfectly balanced, allowing golfers to push and pull their bags confidently around the golf course. This pull cart fits virtually every golf bag and can be easily stored in a trunk or on the bag itself to save space. Choose from a white or black frame and multiple wheel cap color options for extra customization.

21. Ti Lite by Big Max Golf

The Ti Lite push cart from Big Max Golf is super strong and durable with a lightweight aluminum frame. The three-wheeled design also makes for a sturdy bag stand. This push cart has a simple, clean design and can be folded down to a compact size for easy storage. 

Golf Balls

If there’s one thing a golfer can never have too many of, that’s golf balls. High-quality golf balls from reputable brands make for a practical and appreciated gift. You can also personalize them with the golfer's name or a special message.

22. Stix + Vice Drive Golf Balls

Stix golf balls

The Stix + Vice Drive Golf Balls are extremely durable and perfect for the beginner or weekend golfer. These balls are soft with a low spin, intended to be more forgiving on less-than-perfect shots. At an affordable price point, it won’t hurt as bad to lose one or two per round.

23. Srixon Q-Star Tour

For intermediate golfers with a fast swing speed, the Srixon Q-Star golf balls will make a great gift. These low-spin golf balls help gifts achieve awesome distance with great control. 

Golf Tees

Golf tees are another crucial golf accessory that golfers can’t do without. Tees make a great stocking stuffer or low-cost addition to a larger gift.

24. Stix Bamboo Golf Tees

Stix bamboo golf tees

Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, these golf tees are lightweight and have less of an environmental impact when lost. They also feature our signature black and red design, making them easy to find on the green. 

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the ultimate gift for any golfer, but they can get pricey. Either gift them a single club to help upgrade their collection or go all out with a complete set for a really special occasion.

25. Stix 460cc Driver

Stix 460cc driver

Give your golfer the gift of a better game with a 460cc driver from Stix! A 460cc driver is the largest clubhead playable in golf. It has the biggest sweet spot and the most forgiveness out of any other clubhead size. The Stix 460cc driver is ultralight with a black-on-black design and minimalist features, making it both a dream to play with and to look at. Though we used the latest technology when making this amazing driver, it’s one of the most affordable drivers available.

26. Stix Play Series 10 Club Set

Stix Play Series

Want to put the biggest smile on your favorite golfer’s face? Get them Stix Play Series 10 Club Set. Our clubs are sleek, modern, and designed for maximum forgiveness. These clubs help players look good and play even better, boosting player performance and enjoyment simultaneously. Best of all? You can get a the Play Series 10 club set from Stix for $699. 

Miscellaneous Golf Gift Ideas

Want to go above and beyond with your gift? Here are some gifts that are sure to wow any golfer.

27. Memberships and Lessons

You don’t have to give golfers a tangible gift in order to make them happy. Cover a few months of a local golf club membership or pay for lessons! They’ll be extremely grateful for the opportunity to play more golf and possibly improve their game.

28. Pay for Tournament Tickets

Watching golf can be just as fun as playing golf. Consider gifting tickets to a local or national golf tournament. That way, both you and your favorite golfer get to enjoy time together and watch this great sport.

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Tee Up the Perfect Gift

Be sure to consider the golfer's skill level, preferences, and any specific needs they might have on the course when selecting their gift. Furthermore, personalizing the gift with their initials or other details can also add a thoughtful touch to your present. At the end of the day, any golfer would be thrilled with the gifts listed above. No matter the occasion, these gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to any golfer’s face. 

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