Golf Habits to Drop ASAP (Plus the Habits You Need to Adopt)

Golf Habits to Drop ASAP (Plus the Habits You Need to Adopt)

Just like in life, it can be easy to develop poor habits in the game of golf. You know exactly what we are talking about – those habits that make you play worse, spend too much money on gear, and irritate your friends and playing partners. The good news is you can always change.

The key to change is self-awareness. Do you have any or all these bad golf habits? Be honest! What if we asked your buddies, playing partners, or spouse? How would they answer?

Below are golf habits that all golfers should strive to avoid regardless if they’re using a used golf club set or the latest tech.

DROP the “I hate this game” habit.

You know this player. From the opening tee shot, they are complaining about their ball striking, their inability to putt, or the conditions of the course. The first bad shot of the day sends them into a downward spiral of negativity. You love hanging out with them off the course, but secretly hope you don’t get paired with them during your weekend round.

Instead of sliding into pessimism, adopt the habit of enjoying the day. A round of golf allows you to spend hours outside with friends getting exercise. You are not on track to make the PGA Tour, so don’t take it so seriously.

DROP the “slow play” habit.

Are you sure you aren’t a slow player? Many golfers that sit in the 19th hole complaining about slow play don’t realize they are part of the problem. Everyone always thinks the group in front of them is slow, but remember, there is a group behind you, too.

Instead of worrying about others, adopt the habit of ready golf. Gauge your distance while others in the group are hitting. Don’t wait to read your putt until it is your turn to play. Make sure your pre-shot routine is short and sweet, but consistent.

DROP the “I must buy a new $500+ driver each season” habit.

This is an expensive habit. We get it. You watch Dustin, Rory, and Xander crush the ball on TV and you think – maybe that club will do the same for me! Sadly, it has more to do with the operator than the hardware.

Instead, adopt the habit of researching club sets and purchasing an option that will do what you need it to – even if these are just second hand golf clubs. You can get the clubs you saw on TV last year for a fraction of the price, or you can opt for Stix, which makes an affordable golf club set that provides a similar feel to top brands.

It’s important to remember that technology doesn’t change that much year to year. You can still pick up some extra distance with a used golf club set or a reasonable set (ahem, Stix).

DROP the “shot-by-shot replay of your entire round” habit.

You finish your round, walk into the 19th hole and someone asks, “How did you play?”. You know you have a problem if you start with, “Well, my first tee shot went a little right and I had some tree trouble.” Trust us – the person asking may be interested in how you played, but they are looking for the 15 second version, not the multi-hour mini-series.

Instead, adopt the quick response and answer follow-up questions habit. Here are a couple examples of the “right” answer to this question:

  • “I played well for me, shot 86.”
  • “I struggled with my putter today and fired a smooth 93.”

 Just the facts. Provide a quick assessment and your score. If the person wants more details, they will ask – trust us.

Do any of these poor golf habits hit a little too close to home? If you have played golf for years, we are sure you could come up with many more to drop and/or adopt. Just remember to enjoy your next round. Roll in some birdies. Have fun out there!