New Versus Used Golf Clubs

New Versus Used Golf Clubs

Here's something that isn't news: Golf can be expensive.

With technology coming out at a near constant rate, players have an overwhelming variety of options to consider when investing in a set of clubs. However, new players and those returning to the game after a hiatus might find themselves tempted to save money by purchasing a used golf club set. After all, many of these players don’t believe a new set is a worthwhile investment as they’re not yet good enough to purchase a brand new set. 

We understand the rationale: some players would rather get really great on an older set and reward themselves with a newer one when their hard work pays off. But, there are a few things to consider when purchasing used clubs versus a new golf club set that could affect your confidence and ability.

Condition and Fit

We always say that the clubs don’t make the player, but they can have an impact on your game. Improper clubs affect swing shape and could lead to less than ideal swings. If the flex is too stiff or the shaft too long for the player, club heads may bounce and the swing speed may be too slow – all of which could lead to frustration.

Some used golf clubs are in great condition with minimal wear and tear. Other clubs may be ready to be retired with worn grips and unexpected quirks. If you choose to purchase a used golf club set, you will have to accept the history of the clubs – the good and the bad, which may mean additional investments to regrip and refit the clubs to your liking. 

Equipment can certainly have an effect on ball flight and direction. If you're just learning the sport, it could instill bad habits due to improperly fitted gear. We recommend getting a set of clubs with some forgiveness so players can learn without wanting to give up despite continuous practice.

A new set from Stix can keep motivation high and encourage you to keep improving with minimalist yet effective tech. Our Woods, for example, have just the right amount of loft to enable you to shoot higher and straighter without sacrificing distance.

Cost of Individual Clubs vs. Sets

Another factor to consider is the cost of buying used golf clubs individually versus buying a brand new set. Purchasing used requires the knowledge to make smart buying decisions when it comes to type of clubs you need. Do you know your preferred club head speed? Shaft flex? Grip? The difference between the swing weight or irons versus longer clubs? These are important items to consider when searching for used clubs.

Additionally, costs add up when you purchase clubs individually - even used. You could be nearing the $1k+ territory before you know it – and without the assurance that the clubs are right for you. 

Our 14-piece set comes with every club you could need as a beginner or as a not-quite-a-beginner, with the guarantee that you’re working with a company that will assist you in case of any defects or problems. When you purchase used clubs, you have to assess the seller’s trustworthiness (eBay can be risky) and consider that there's often no money back guarantee if the clubs don’t work for you.

Not only do you get a new set of clubs when you buy Stix, but you also have the opportunity to return them within 30 days if you’re unhappy. We want you to love your clubs, so you love playing the game even more.

Pursuing the Game

Are you serious about pursuing the game? Or at least kind of serious, in the way that you don’t want to be embarrassed every time you hit the green? A new club set is a great option if you’re looking to put in your time and improve your game. It’s even better when it’s priced reasonably and designed without gimmicks.

Plus, more expensive clubs aren’t necessarily made for the casual golfer. Pricier clubs are specifically designed for better golfers to assist in their game: they include movable weights, adjustable clubs faces, and more.

We believe all players deserve better clubs, no matter their skill level. Don’t settle for used golf clubs when you can get a new set of Stix at an affordable price. Our clubs come baggage free (you won’t be haunted by someone else’s shanks and slices), and they include every element you’ll need to improve your game at your preferred shaft length.

Before you buy a used golf club set, give us a try