The Complete Set - Stix Golf Clubs 14-Piece

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Stix Stand Bag + Headcovers (D,3W,5W,H,P)
Stix Stand Bag + Headcovers (D,3W,5W,H,P) (optional)
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Shipping in early June. Limited quantity.
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  • Driver x1
  • Woods (3w, 5w) x2
  • Hybrid (4h) x1
  • Irons (5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW) x6
  • Wedges (52°, SW 56°, 60°) x3
  • Putter x1
  • Get a full set of Stix in your bag: 

    14 sleek clubs, each a joy to swing — smooth and consistent, for a comfortable, controlled stroke.

    Built solid, these Stix clubs are made with the very same premium materials you’ll find in kits 3x the price.

    Because unless you’re Tiger Woods, a crazy-expensive pro kit will not change your game. Stix are for the rest of us — golf lovers who just want to swing stronger, hit further, and love the way the clubs feel. 

    Includes every club you need to for confidence in every scenario, without overpaying.

    The Complete Set features irons and wedges with our Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) finish, a unique form of vapor deposition that applies blasted carbon with a rapid hardening process, producing a synthetic diamond coating over the club. This provides an extremely high level of durability and scratch resistance with a low coefficient of friction which helps protect the club finish.


    Which flex should I choose? 

    Generally speaking, the more flexible the shaft the more 'forgiving' the clubs tend to be. What this means is that the shaft of the club will bend a little more during the swing to help compensate for slower swing speeds and inconsistent swings. This minimizes the difference in ball trajectory on less than ideal swings. The stiffer shaft flexes are just more exact to a golfer's swing. Because of these reasons, softer flexes (regular and A-flex) are suggested for people newer to golf or lack the strength to get higher swing speeds. This is the technical side of the equation though!

    Flex is also about how they feel! For instance, some newer golfers may find stiffer flexes more comfortable for their swing and prefer to get accommodated to them as they improve their golf game. It just depends on the individual golfer's build and their swing style.

    Don't be too anxious about your decision though! We have a 30 day trial period where our customers can try out the clubs to see if they are the right fit for them! The 30 days starts once you receive the clubs. If the flex doesn't feel right, contact us and get the clubs in the mail in 30 days and we can exchange them for a set that has a better flex for you.

    • Described as “beautiful, minimalist, modern”, each iron is stunningly designed with Diamond-Like Carbon finish for enhanced durability and scratch-resistance.
    • Stix clubs deliver quality and performance on par with the big brands — without the premium markup.
    • Spend less time in the golf tech weeds and more time on the course with simple kit configuration.
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    All other shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on weight, dimensions, and destination.

  • Test drive Stix clubs, risk-free. If you change your mind, simply return your purchase within 30 days and get a full refund. Guaranteed.

    See our no-hassle refund policy.

  • You have a game to play. We have a brand to uphold — one built on quality and durability. Stix will address any manufacturing defects in your purchase with sportsmanlike fairness.

    See Stix policies.

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Learn More About Our Clubs

Stix 10.5 Degree Driver


10.5°, 460cc titanium driver, high-elastic graphite shaft.

A driver’s primary purpose is that of distance; Get the ball as far down the fairway as possible. Our driver, like all of our clubs, features stunning black on black, minimalist finishes, but capitalizes on the modern advancements in club making to bring forth a farther and straighter ball flight. When you’re ready to grip it and rip it, our driver will give you the kind of confidence that calms the nerves and makes the fairway feel a little wider.

Length (Standard)45"
Head Weight196g
Shaft Weight66g
Swing WeightD1 +/-2
Stix 10.5 Degree Driver


Stainless steel heads, high-elastic graphite shaft

Our fairway woods make those really long approach shots feel a little shorter. We added just enough loft to help you get it up in the air easier and straighter but not lose distance by utilizing a lighter and smarter shaft design to naturally increase swing speed. We can help you make that hard to reach Green in Regulation when you need it most.

Length (Standard)42"43"
Head Weight220g212g
Swing Weight66g66g
Swing WeightD1 +/-2D1 +/-2
Stix 10.5 Degree Driver


Stainless steel head, high-elastic graphite shaft

Our 21 degree, 4 hybrid gives you the assurance you’ve long sought after whether you’re on the tee box or deep in the fescue. Designed for distance while providing the forgiveness of a lofted Iron, you’ll feel right at home on the first swing. High and far is the name of the game here.

Length (Standard)40"
Head Weight234g
Shaft Weight66g
Swing WeightD1 +/-2
Stix 10.5 Degree Driver


Cavity-back, 64g ultra-light, high-elastic graphite shafts

Our irons have been thoughtfully and masterfully crafted to bring out the best game in the widest range of players. With a massive sweet spot and super hot face, distance and forgiveness are your new golf buddies. Whether you’re just hoping the ball will go straight, or taking dead aim on a long par 3, you’ll be amazed with the performance and design on all fronts.

Length (Standard)38”37.5”37”36.5”36”35.5”
Head Weight259264g272g279g287g294g
Shaft Weight64g64g64g64g64g64g
Swing WeightD1D1D1D1D1D2
Stix 10.5 Degree Driver


Blade style wedges, milled face, stiff graphite shaft

The shafts on our wedges are graphite and stiff flex. The wedges also feature our Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) finish, a unique form of vapor deposition that applies blasted carbon with a rapid hardening process, producing a synthetic diamond coating over the club. This provides an extremely high level of durability and scratch resistance with a low coefficient of friction which helps protect the club finish.

DetailGW (52°)SW (56°)LW (60°)
Length (Standard)35.50"35.25"35.00"
Head Weight300g300g308g
Shaft Weight57g57g57g
Swing WeightD3D3D3
Stix 10.5 Degree Driver


Mallet designed putter with oversized grip

With its sophisticated architecture, optimized performance and breathtaking aesthetics, our expertly designed Mallet putter feels as good as it looks. The large squared grip and milled face give you ultimate control over your putts producing the confidence you’ve always desired when standing over a knee knocking 4 footer. Make the putt with the Stix putter.

Length (Standard)34"
Head Weight430g
Built for confidence

Look Better.
Play Better.

Have fun out there.

Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set

Stop reading reviews and just buy a set!

Did I have my best round of 9 holes the first time I used my Stix’s? Yes. Did I shoot a 57 on them 9 holes? Irrelevant. What is relevant is how many times I was told how sexy my new clubs look. I don’t know if it was the compliments that boosted my self esteem or the fact that these are just solid clubs that helped improve my game. Maybe Primetime was right “You look good. You feel good. You feel good. You play good. You play good. THEY PAY GOOD.” That’s just my two cents. Buy them. You don’t like them(you will) you can send them back(you won’t).

Love the clubs

I love the clubs, but I wish I would of waited and got the 14 piece set cause I need a 60 wedge, but overall a great upgrade for a second year player last year I was shooting high 50s this year mid 40s

Coating coming off

The black coating on the irons is coming off after only two rounds. Kinda wonder if I'm going to experience any other flaws.

Hi Dennis! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. While the black coating does show wear like most black golf clubs, it should not be excessive nor be happening so quickly. Please send us an email at with some pictures and our team will evaluate to see if it's normal wear or if we need to get you some replacements. Also, your clubs do have a 6 month warranty!

A different stroke

I’m a 59yr old man who will turn 60 next month I am 5ft 10in and my weight is 170 with this set of clubs I feel like I can play with the best out on the course that day this set of clubs have my confidence higher than ever my ball go farther my accuracy is a lot the driver and putter are great now when I get on the course I feel like I am the best player on the course

As Featured In

"Coyne cites Harry’s Razors and Dollar Shave Club as the Stix Golf model as companies that offer a lower-priced alternative to established names. He puts the Stix set as occupying a space between the discount box sets at sporting goods stores and the $3,000 that could be spent to buy a full set of premium clubs."
"... the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price...The Stix clubs are manufactured by an established OEM that makes components for many of the big brands and they feel as good as they look."
"By identifying a potential value gap in the golf club market, Stix has positioned itself well to tap into a robust consumer base in one of the nation’s biggest participation sports. And since more than 2/3 of golfers can’t break 90, there are plenty of participants out there more concerned with experience over technology."
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