Stix makes modern high quality golf gear that offers premium feel and performance at a fair price.

Origin Story

After 20 years of playing weekend golf, our founder decided he was ready for a more serious set of clubs. The problem? The next step up only offered two dead-end options: a “beginner” set, or a pricey à-la-carte set for well over $2K.

He was stuck.There just had to be a brand offering modern, high-tech clubs for other golfers at his stage –but there wasn’t. So, like all good entrepreneurs do? He rolled up his sleeves...and began to build Stix.

Modern, Fair

Not everything in life is fair. But buying a good set of premium golf clubs should be. We figured out how to offer the same next-level tech and sleek design as more expensive brands –but at an affordable price. No more worrying about buying less or more club than you need. Stix’s line of complete golf club sets has options for every level and price point. Step up to Stix and feel the difference...without breaking the bank.

Less is more

Stix’s up-to-the-minute, minimalistic design approach is engineered to give you maximum quality, look and performance -without wasting your money. All those extra-pricey features you don’t need? That’s where they get you.

Stix has your back. We work with the very best designers. Employ the latest advances in club design technology. Use the best materials. The result: sleek, high-performance clubs that any golfer at any level will be proud to own.

Look better, play better.

Stix produces confidence-building hardware. The better you look, the better you’ll play. If your gear looks and feels great, you are going to feel confident and play better.

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