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Four Common Misconceptions About Golf

Half-truths, myths, and misconceptions about golf have swirled around the sport for decades. Many view it as a sport only available to the wealthy and elite, or that you have to be part of a country club to do it.  Others believe golf is too expensive, a golf set too pricy, the game too boring, or too old school to invest their time and energy.

It’s about time we set the record straight on some of the common misconceptions about golf. After all, we want golf to be more accessible for everyone, regardless of their background or income level. Plus, it’s really, really fun, and we don’t want people to miss out who may enjoy it.

So, let’s dive into some of the biggest misconceptions and debunk ‘em as best we can.

1. Golf is an exclusive sport.

Sure, golf was created by nobles in 15th century Scotland and the game was originally only played by those of significant status. But literal decades have passed, and more progressive beliefs has been applied to the game (with more sorely needed). Anyone who has a passion for the game is allowed to try it out – though some golf courses still have outdated codes of dress and conduct, among other things.

Regardless, there is still a lingering belief that you must belong to a fancy country club to play golf. And trust us, some brands and golf courses do their best to maintain an elitist image, when in reality the look and feel of golf have changed for most players. At Stix, our belief is that golf is for everyone, and you shouldn’t have to pass an income threshold to take part in it. However, there are still barriers to entry that have to be improved upon, such as accessibility.

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One of the early pioneers of “golf is for everyone” is PGA fan favorite John Daly.  Daly burst onto the scene in the early 1990s and challenged the traditional look of a top golfer. “Big John,” as he’s affectionately known, has proven over his illustrious career that golf can be played by anyone, even if they have a penchant for really ugly pants. (Sorry, we love you John!)

2. Golf is boring.

We will have to respectfully disagree with the above statement. For reasons that are fairly obvious to anyone reading (hi, we’re a golf club company), we believe those who think golf’s boring probably have never played a round on a beautiful spring day, or absolutely smashed one at Topgolf.

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While we do agree that golf can be a bit slow to watch on TV, there’s nothing boring about hitting one off the tee down the middle of the fairway or sinking a 40-foot putt to beat your buddy. Plus, there are a number of aspects of the game that you can focus on, including your short or long game, your routine, follow through, and technique, as well as mental aspects including your reaction to a shot gone wrong. While we’re at it, you don’t have to be good at golf to really enjoy it. There are plenty of things that keep golf fun and interesting, as long as you’re interested.

And honestly? Golf is more fun with friends. If you still think golf is boring after going out with your buddies, you might want new friends. (We’re kidding. Kind of.)

3. All the best courses are expensive. 

Pebble Beach. Augusta. St. Andrew’s. We’ve written about some of these iconic golf courses and there are plenty more high-end courses with expensive green fees included on the bucket list of golfers around the world. These popular courses are the ones that get all the attention on television, which may make you think that they’re the only ones worth playing.

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Pacific Grove Golf Links

While they are amazing and definitely something to aspire to play, there are plenty of affordable golf courses for all price ranges. Take Pacific Grove Golf Links, for example. It’s literally right on the Pacific Ocean and has views for day (days!). In fact, there are numerous golf courses across the country that offer tee times for $30 or less. Will they be the most glamorous? No. But will you make par? Also, no.

What we’re saying is: don’t discount munis while you save for the big ticket courses.

4. Golf equipment is pricy.

Possibly the most popular misconception is that golf equipment is simply too expensive. When all is said and done, an individual could pay upwards of $2,000 for a set of new clubs, bag, and head covers – all of which don’t typically have a positive impact on their game.

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The big brands tout new technology and advanced designs – for a hefty fee. Golfers are taught to believe that they need the latest and greatest to break 80. At Stix, we don’t think the clubs make the golfer, which is why we provide quality gear that’s not going to have you picking up a side gig to afford it.

Our 12-piece golf set provides you with every club you’d need for $599. Add on a bag and you’re ready to play, all under $1,000, allowing more room for your beer and snack budget. Win, win.