stix golf clubs for teens

Fits your game, fits your style. Get clubs that fit you regardless of gender.

If you are searching for teen's golf clubs, you’ve found them at Stix. With different flexes, heights, and dexterities available, you can customize your set to be perfect for your preferences - not the other way around.

At Stix, we offer the same set of clubs to everyone, regardless of gender or age. All of our clubs feature graphite shafts with various flexes available: do you have a fast, powerful swing? Try stiff. Swinging slower and softer? You’d likely enjoy our A-flex. Clubs aren’t one size fits all specific to age or gender, and you should always choose what works best for your playing style.

I bought my son a set of STIX golf clubs, a glove and magnetic towel and they are wonderful! He loves them and he gets a lot of compliments on how nice they are. Thank you!!! Excellent quality!

- Elisha H. (Stix Customer)
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