The big standout performer in this package set is the driver. It felt and performed like one of the premium models.

- Forbes

The latest and greatest club technology is just too complicated today for many average and new golfers, and too expensive.

- GolfDigest | Read More

Stix Golf Simplifies the Buying Process With Affordable, Aesthetically Pleasing Clubs

- Sports Illustrated | Read More

Somewhere between cheap, generic-looking beginner’s sets and spendy name-brand clubs, the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price.

- Golf Magazine | Read More
Great upgrade set

I strongly recommend these clubs for anyone upgrading there set. I bought these clubs to replace my first set of clubs I got off Craigslist. They have performed great and the height customization is extremely helpful.

- Anthony Bushrod
Replace your starter set

Thank you Stix. The change in look, feel and execution is paramount. My new clubs have brought so much more to my game than I thought possible. Thank you!

- Michael
So Sexy

I like everything about the clubs great feel/weight, perfect flex, couldn't ask for more in the putter. Never thought I'd consider a golf club(s) to be sexy, but they are.

- Ben Shaw
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'22 56° Wedge
Alex Block
Good clubs

Good clubs


I like this club. Easier to hit than my 3wood

'22 Driver

100x better than my old driver

Great quality hat

Perform 5 Iron - Steel
John Middlesworth
Grandson’s 5 iron

Super Customer Service!!!!! Will definitely refer potential customers in ur direction!!!!! Many Thanks

Perform Club Set
Gary Chen
Looks and feel awesome ! The matte black is very different!

Great clubs for a beginner like myself. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on clubs. These are amazing !!

'22 Driver

this product is so bad i hate it

Hey there,

We're sorry to hear you're unhappy with your product. Our customer care would like to learn more information and see how they can support, however are unable to locate any recent inquiries. Please reach out using the contact form on our site for support with your order.


I have thrown these clubs miles in the air after a bad shot and each time they seem to come back stronger than they did before these clubs can probably withhold a bullet

Great value

The clubs seem to be great quality and look amazing and I do like them a lot. Only wish I had chose a stiff flex instead as the regular flex with stix feels more flexible than the regular flex on other brands. Over all they are a great bang for your buck and would recommend. Just go stiff if you like regular flex on other brands.

Perform Club Set
Maurice Peterson
So Happy

Great clubs at a great price!

Perform Club Set
Polo Capristo
Stixs golf clubs

They are great, I like them a lot just wished irons would start at 4 going up but over all great set of clubs they are my first set I’ve bought I’ve been to the course 4 times and my game just keeps getting better and better

'22 56° Wedge
Carson Koetter

Amazing clubs only thing is that the coating comes off quick, doesn’t effect performance

'22 Complete Set (14 Clubs) - Silver

Absolutely awesome! My brother loved the Golf Clubs!! Customer service was amazing!

Great set of clubs!

The set of wedges look great, and play very nice. Not going to be better than the high-end wedges, but you can’t beat it for the price! They are kinda hard to differentiate, so I also painted the loft to match the red line. I like how they turned out.

Performance set

Performed well. Better than expected. Perfect price for clubs. They get the job done. No complaints.

'22 Hybrid (4H)
Pablo Bustamante
Smooth confidence

The feeling that you get when you are on the highway and let the wheel go knowing your vehicle is not going to stray but go where you have it tracking, that is the
feeling I get from my new Stix Hybrid. It sits smooth and clean where you want it to go, and the feel is confidence. I like it.

Best first set!

I’m new to the game of golf so my opinion may not mean much, but coming from rented clubs to these has been a completely ECLIPSING difference! The clubs feel great in the hand and easy to index. I’m hitting the driver as far and further than my friend hits his TaylorMade. Putter couldn’t be better in my humble opinion!

Perform Club Set
Daniel A Decker
Irons are great, fairways meh

So I’m going to start with this…..I absolutely love the irons and wedges. They feel great and are forgiving. On top of that they look great in the all black. That being said I’m not a big fan of the driver, there is no weight on it and for some reason I can’t get the club head speed or distance out of it that I used to get out of my Tour Edge. I think that’s due to the nature of the club head and the fact that there are no weights in the fairways. I get about 200 yards out of this driver when that’s what I used to get with my 3W. That being said, the fairways are very forgiving but if you struggle to get distance out of them then I would go with something else.

'22 60° Wedge
Jacob Cantoni

Beautiful wedge and quality feels superb!

Perform Club Set
Robert Martinez
Best Hybrid!!!

Just received my new 4 Hybrid and I love it!!!! Very solid, feels great, and an eye catcher. Had a few fans of it at the driving range.

Perform Club Set
Dakota Hughes
Swing into Success: A Stix Golf Review

Stix Golf: Perfect for Beginners and Upgraders
As someone far from a pro golfer, I found Stix Golf to be a game-changer. Whether you're starting out or upgrading, this set is a must-see. The sleek design and quality make it a top choice for those seeking improvement without breaking the bank. From tee-off to the final hole, Stix Golf delivers a satisfying swing every time.

Great product

Perform Club Set
Tyler Knox
Great set, great bag, but…

First off, I am no professional golfer and prior to these clubs have never had a set of clubs. Let alone stepped foot on a driving range (top golf only) or a course. However, I will say these clubs are amazing. The look alone sets them apart from other clubs I was looking into.

I’ve been smacking em pretty hard on my homemade driving range mat and net. And the finish has not chipped, scraped or anything. If you use artificial turf you’ll get a little scuff, but it wipes right off and back to new.

For my first set of clubs I can say I will be playing on these for awhile as I improve and maybe never switch from the stix brand as it grows. Hope to see more come out in the future.

One thing I don’t like, is the golf bag did not come with a rain hood for the clubs. Not sure if it’s supposed to and just didn’t get in the box. Or it’s an additional purchase. Overall if you’re looking for clubs, and have never owned any. Take it from this newb. These are a great product.

Perform 5 Iron
Nick Weitoish
Exactly what I needed

Having the 6-pw with the other wedges is great gave me new tools I didn’t have before in the bag. The hybrid has always been easy for me to hit but this 5 immediate magic for me helping me actually strike the ball well every single time. I’d go to a 4i if they made one. Stix irons are easier to hit than other ones I have had.

Isaac Ford
Great putter

Just played in my third tournament this year, and this putter is nice. I hit a 22ft put for par and it was nothing but gold. Very very nice for players who don’t want to spend a lot of money.