The Rick Shiels Review

The Rick Shiels Review

Nov. 17, 2021 Update: Rick Shiels has reviewed the current version of our clubs. 

Spoiler alert: he claims Stix is the "best pound for pound golf clubs you can buy" that are new! He also puts us head to head - or rather, driver to driver - against Callaway, and we're not saying we smoked 'em in direct comparison, but WE SMOKED 'EM. 

Watch the full video below.



The original post was published in December 2020.

You could imagine our sheer delight when we were notified that Rick Shiels had reviewed our clubs. The whole team exploded into a string of excitement and expletives, but we won’t go into too much detail for the sake of everyone’s dignity. 

Suffice it to say: we were STOKED. And so we’ve compiled a few of our favorite quotes Rick bestowed on us in the below clips.

“Now that’s where this set could be hitting a really important market. When a new golfer comes into golf it is quite confusing to buy a new set. You could go down the second-hand route, yes, but you have to know what you’re looking for to go second hand…. That’s why when you look at a set like this - it’s brand new, no one’s ever used them - they’re brand new out of the box, and for that price point I could really see an important market for this set of clubs.

“They feel ridiculously better than I thought they were gonna do.”

The irons, again, great. The driver, wow! … It feels super premium. Honestly did not expect those numbers with this driver. For me, hand on heart, this driver performed ridiculously better than I expected. On the website and in person, these clubs look really smart. I think this is a good looking set. I think again for that golfer who might be new or might be returning back to golf and want to treat themselves but they want a set that looks decent, this is great.” 

“But there is a big market for people who want to spend money on golf clubs but want something that is new and somewhat premium, and I think that hits the mark. What I’ve liked about this company Stix - and I’m not sure enough companies are catering for this market - is it simplifies the buying process. You can just go on and get a set without it being too confusing.”

The final verdict: “Overall I think this is a good set.”

But we also were listening to what Rick had to say (as the top YouTube golf reviewer you kind of have to take what he says seriously). We wanted to address the issues that he rightfully brought up, and how we’re remedying them in 2021.

The clubs came damaged.

Shipping is always a gamble, and it’s hard to say what happens between point A and point B, but rest assured our quality control team is on top of making sure the clubs are pristine before shipping them out. However, things happen, and we understand some things are out of our control, which is why we replace any damaged and/or imperfect clubs free of charge. We want you to love your Stix clubs and will work with you to make sure you’re happy.

The finish may wear off.

We currently use a PVD coating like many OEM brands and we’ve worked with our manufacturer to increase the coating’s durability as much as possible. Occasionally there are imperfections in the coating that lead to expedited wear. If this is the situation, we will then evaluate solutions on a case by case basis. Our team will review photos and determine if it’s normal wear or the result of a defect. 

If it is the result of a defect we’re more than willing to work with you. Please contact us at

It doesn’t come with a bag or headcovers.

This is something that has been in the works for a while now and we are frankly bursting with excitement to finally offer both options in the new year!

There’s a big difference between the loft gaps. 

While we can’t give away all the surprises we have in store for 2021, we can say our offerings will include a bigger catalog of clubs. 

There are limited flex options.

Again, big things are coming in 2021!