Stix Golf - All Black Driver

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Stix Golf Driver

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10.5 degree

A driver’s primary purpose is that of distance; Get the ball as far down the fairway as possible. Our driver, like all of our clubs, features stunning black on black, minimalist finishes, but capitalizes on the modern advancements in club making to bring forth a farther and straighter ball flight. When you’re ready to grip it and rip it, our driver will give you the kind of confidence that calms the nerves and makes the fairway feel a little wider. 

Stix Driver Specifications

Shaft Loft Length Lie Head Weight (g) Shaft Weight (g) Swing Weight
Stiff 10.5° 45" 60° 196 66 D1 +/-2

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Driver!

The driver arrived fast and in perfect condition. I immediately brought it to my local indoor driving range and averaged 260 carry. The weight feels good and I love how it looks behind the ball. The sound is nice and not too loud. It adds confidence to your shot and I can’t wait to take it onto a course. I highly recommend.


Really great sound.....would love to have it in a regular flex......

Absolutely luxurious feeling driver without the luxurious price

After using the Stix driver I noticed a huge improvement in my driving game. I have been reaching to my driver for important shots that I would have used a long iron for previously. I love the driver and have been hitting some of the best if not the best drives of my life after making the switch. I would recommend the club to anyone and those who I have let use the club have been impressed with the performance and shocked at the affordable price!

Very consistent

I hit this driver even more consistently than my more expensive drivers… It has a great balance and feel to it.


This driver feels great and goes head to head with my more expensive one.