You Don't Need to Get Fitted, You Need Clubs That Fit

You Don't Need to Get Fitted, You Need Clubs That Fit

If you're a casual golfer and just looking to pound a few beers and make a double bogey average, do you really need to get fitted? 

The short answer? No, you don’t have to get fitted.

You can experience all the fun and frustration that comes with golf while using clubs that fit and even clubs that technically don’t "fit." The truth is golf requires such an extraordinary amount of discipline and practice that you might not notice the difference club variations can make when you're just trying not to shank it into the woods or slice one into the drink - which, let's face it, is most of us. 

Furthermore, not everyone wants to learn and understand all the scientific jargon, but they still want clubs that fit their body and swing. The hard part is navigating the sea of hype and confusing data that comes with custom fittings. The good news is that we’ve taken the two key components for club fitting and simplified the process of finding the right clubs for you.

Custom fit clubs consist of two main parts: shaft length and shaft flex. Club shaft lengths depend on your height while the flex of the shaft depends predominantly on your swing speed. 

See the information below to find the right club for you.

Swing Speed

You can determine your swing speed by the number of yards you hit your ball when using a 7 iron.

Stix Golf Clubs swing speed

    Not sure what your swing speed is? Go to a range and hit 10+ balls with your 7 iron and take the average distance (including your mishits) or, refer to your level of playing / player type listed above.

    Shaft Length

    Stix Golf Clubs Height Chart

    Example: 5’ 6” junior with an average of 105 yards with a 7 iron would need -.5” A-flex clubs.

    We hope this helps you find the best golf clubs for your needs without the need for a custom fitting.


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