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"So, whether you’re looking for a set of clubs to get into the game, you’re taking your game more seriously, or you’re happy being a casual golfer but want to upgrade to a higher-quality, better-looking set of clubs, Stix checks every single one of those boxes."


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"After my pleasant experience with their complete box set, I can certainly see the appeal. Golf is supposed to be fun. Sure, it can be expensive to have the most recent club technology and the flashy clubs, but it doesn’t have to be."


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"Whether you're just learning or an experienced weekend golfer, these thoughtfully crafted clubs should help you score lower and smile wider. For $900, these are an absolute steal, with quality that rivals premium sets and a silky-smooth modern style that will leave the country club old-timers gossiping."


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Benjamin Twehous

I bought my first clubs about a year ago and have loved them every time i’ve used them. The grip, weight, hit feel, everything is great. To top it off, I recently needed to replace both my driver and hybrid due to the shaft cracking. Their support team replied back super quick both times and got a replacement headed my way almost instantly, no questions asked. If you have any doubt about Stix, dont. Seriously, all around, I love them

Love em

I love my new clubs. Not only are the super stylish but I really feel like my game has improved.

Hey, Max! Love to hear this. Glad you're digging the clubs and that your game is improving! Hope you see more of that. Appreciate the review!

Fairway Wood (3W)
Matthew Rogers
Best company ever

Great customer service as well as amazing clubs

Hey, Matthew! Pumped to hear this. Thanks for the review!


I like the fit and grip of the glove. The velcro strap attachment on the glove could be longer so that I could tighten the glove a bit more. I would get another one.

Hey, Pat! Glad the glove is treating you well. This is solid feedback! I'll make sure this gets to our team. Appreciate the review!

Wedge Set (52°, 60°)
Justin Browne

I like the wedges a lot! I feel like you have to hit the 60 surprisingly harder than you’d expect just because the ball travels so high but the 52 is very predictable

Hey, Justin! This is great feedback! I'll make sure we dig into this. Glad you're enjoying the wedges! Thanks for the review.

Classic Set (11 Clubs)
Jack McDonough Jack
Great clubs

Preform amazing, look and feel great. Recommend it to anyone I meet on the course

Hey, Jack! Love to hear this. Get some swings in for us. Appreciate the review!

Good looking on Day 1

I after a year of playing with a $85 club set that I share with my friend, I thought I would invest in a set that I could grow into. I think I am exactly the target market for these clubs. Again - I am still a very beginner - but at the range - I can confirm they are fairly forgiving - flying well even when missing the sweet spot by a lot. I can also confirm that they will NOT wear well. After hitting 100 balls at the range my irons already were losing the black finish and looking quite worn. Considering that I was trying out all my clubs - that really is only 20 swings brushing the matt before the finish starts to giveaway. Really wish I got the silver irons. I saw that this could be an issue but heard that V2 had mostly sorted it. As the aesthetics were one of the draws - it is frustrating that they did last even to the first day on the course.

Hey, Tom! Glad to hear the clubs are feeling good. As you know, clubs will wear and the finish and durability is heavily tested. That being said, if you would shoot us an email with pictures we would love to take a look at them. Wear is normal, but anything egregious we want to take note of. Appreciate the feedback and review!

Complete Set (14 Clubs)
Love the clubs

Being in the skeptic that I am it was hard for me to trust and purchase clubs online. From the first swing I love the consistency of the driver. The accuracy of the irons and the feel of the wedges. If you don’t believe me order them try them you’ll never regret it!

Hey, Michael! Glad we could win you over! Hope you can find even more consistency in your game. Appreciate the review!

Classic Set (11 Clubs)
Charles Brundige
So far so good

Love the look and feel. If you are getting back into the game, these are the clubs for you.

Hey, Charles! Pumped to hear you're digging the clubs. Let us know if you ever need anything. Thanks for the review!

Classic Set (11 Clubs)
Happy Gilmore
Solid Clubs

Sweet set of clubs. It's my first. People love the way they look and so do I. I still suck but practice makes perfect. Fore.

Hey! We still use 'Fore' a lot around here as well. Hope you start to see more improvements in your game and have a good time as well. Thanks for the review!


Got my 14 piece set yesterday and was able to play this morning. Even though I’m writing this I’m speechless lol..I added about 50-75 yds on my drives a few were over 300yds love the closed face all my drives straight as a arrow…the iron are amazing made my game way better…if your on the fence about getting stix I will help you over it!!! Get these clubs now!!!

Rogelio Mendez

Just got them So far so good I don't have a good or bad comment

Hey, Rogelio! Glad to hear it. Let us know how they feel when you get some swings in. Thanks for the review!

Love my driver

Clubs feel so great in my hand, so smooth with contact with the ball

Hey, Gregory! Awesome. Love to hear this. Thanks for the review!

Overall, a nice set of clubs.

I am reviewing these after hitting somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 balls across all the clubs. I am a high handicapper that has recently come back to the game. I had an OLD set of clubs and wanted something newer so I could play into my clubs and not wonder if they were a limiting factor. I considered getting fitted, but with the inconsistency of my game, figured this would be too advanced of a process for where I am. I came across this set through a video review by Rick Shiels. His positive feedback got me on-board and I figured with the 30 day return option, it really wasn't a concern. I am 6'2" and swing it pretty fast, so I got the . 5" extended shafts in stiff. I haven't had any issues with durability yet, and I am playing on public courses in Texas. The ground is hard, and can be unforgiving.
On to the clubs-
The driver absolutely smokes the ball on a good hit, but it's not terribly forgiving. I appreciate this as I want to improve my swing, not have my clubs compensate for me. This is the same feedback for the fairway woods.
The hybrid is very nice, and hits a beautiful ball.
The irons are probably the best part of this set. They are consistent, get nice spin on the ball and have a good weight to them.
The wedges are nice as well. They fit right in with the irons as far as performance.
My favorite piece of the set is the putter. I love the weight and feel of it. It has a nice milled face and a unique shape. It has really elevated my green game, and I get compliments on it when folks see it out.

The negatives -

For a $1000 set of clubs, these should absolutely come with club head covers. It's a small thing, but with the beautiful finish of the woods it makes no sense to include these on the set.

The grips on the irons/woods are the worst part of this set. They are budget grips, and if you regrip the clubs the warranty is voided. This is a huge oversight in my opinion. The grips are thin/narrow, which for the average person might be ok, but someone ordering extended shafts will most likely have larger hands, making these grips really unfortunate. I have had the club turn in my hands on a handful of solid hits, and I don't hold them softly. This set would absolutely be 5/5 stars if the grips were better quality/size.

I have had low handicap players (college team players) use my clubs in scramble events and they have all said they feel very good, comparable to their high end custom clubs. Take that with a grain of salt of course, but I appreciated the feedback from someone who knows more than I about such things.

The finish coating on the clubs doesn't hold up super well to the rough ground here, but that's a neutral point, as I doubt many finishes would.

Conclusion -
Overall, a very nice set of clubs. With some minor changes, these could be an outstanding value and worth every dollar. That said, you won't be disappointed, but know there are a couple minor drawbacks to consider, especially if you have large hands and live in part of the country with less than ideal terrain. I'll update this review if anything changes.

Great clubs

I got the wedge set 52 56 and 60 all of them preformed so well. everything you would expect out of a big name wedge these clubs have it!

Hey, Ray! Love this! We're huge fans of the wedges as well. Appreciate the review!


Hello all! Novice golfer here just started playing this past October and just purchased my first set from STIX for my birthday. Just curious to know the average time it took from ordering to delivery. I’m very excited to uses these!

Eco hybrid glove

Very good feel. Have not tried it on the course yet but very excited to.

Hey, Jared! Love to hear this. Let us know how the glove feels on the course! Appreciate the review.


I've used the clubs about 4 times and have no real issue with the clubs. In fact they are very smooth. Putter grip is phenomenal. My dissatisfaction comes from the fact that I bought a complete 14 piece set and it didn't come with carry bag. That's a pretty steep commitment as a buyer. Stix clubs aren't as well known as other club sets. Feel a full set should come with a bag.

Iron Set (5 - PW)
Jared Chapman
Not a payed review!

My friends often call me the lone star reviewer because I only leave reviews when I have a one star experience. That is not the case for these clubs. I already had a driver and a putter so I just got the iron sets and being able to customize the length and stiffness for this price is unmatched. If you are beginner or intermediate or slightly better than that then get these clubs! I was trying to keep them clean in case I needed to send them back but I will be keeping these for a long time (assuming they last).

Super Impressed

I've had my clubs about a week now, and gotten in a ton of range and simulator time, as well as a full 18 holes with them, and I have to say I'm blown away at the value. These clubs are easily worth big brand money. The 4H, and the wedges are particular standouts for me, they feel amazing, all the irons have a great weight to them as well. I'm really excited to see where this company is heading because the potential is definitely there to take on bigger brands and win. Stellar quality, great smash sound on the woods, same distances that I hit with PXG's and Cobras. Bravo, Stix!

Very Happy

Stellar clubs, couldn't be happier. Finish wears but it still looks ok.

Hey, Paxton! Love to hear you're digging the clubs! If you see any egregious wear on them, shoot us a message. Appreciate the review!

Love these!

I’m a big fan of this 14 piece set! I love the feel of em and I hit em well! That’s what matters. I’ve even had my buddies swing them whom I can say know clubs and irons much better than me, and they are big fans! One of which is going to get rid of his old titleist set and get some stix. I feel like an ambassador for stix when I play. Not to mention everyone loves the clean simple look and the fact that you can get a high quality set of 14 for such a great deal! Thank you guys for these!

Hey, Thomas! Love to hear this! Getting the thumbs-up from the buddies is always a plus. Glad you're enjoying the feel and look of them! Thanks for the review!

Good set

I really like the irons and the putter. I also appreciate the rescue club as well. It’s the driver that I don’t love. Overall good value for the set.

Hey, Susan! We're huge fans of the iron and putter as well. Hope the driver starts to feel more comfortable for you! Appreciate the review.

Need a bag

Great set just got mine in today and wish I could of gotten a bag with the order or at least bought a set with a bag looking forward to using them thanks

Hey, Aaron! Glad you're digging the clubs. Our back are currently out of stock, but we're expecting to have them back in stock this month! Keep an eye on socials and email. Also, you can sign up to receive notifications on the product page. Thanks for the review!

Outstanding Set!!!

Nice look, great feel!!! Can't wait to use them when the course opens.

Hey, Coley! Glad to hear this! Let us know how they treat you once you get some swings in. Thanks for the review!