What to Wear Golfing: The Casual Guide to Golf Attire

What to Wear Golfing: The Casual Guide to Golf Attire

Picture this: you're standing on the first tee, fresh club in hand, ready to kick-start your golfing journey. But wait, you're in your favorite jeans and a pair of old sneakers. The golf world can be intimidating enough without worrying about whether you've committed a fashion faux pas. No worries! We're here to bridge the gap between style, comfort, and golf tradition with our casual guide to golf attire. Let's tee off!

Understanding the Basics of Golf Attire

First, we need to tee up some truths. Sure, golf has dress codes, but they're not there to stifle your individuality or make you uncomfortable. They're just guidelines to keep the spirit of the sport alive. And no, you don't need to ransack gran-dads close or invest in a wardrobe that makes you look like you're going to a fancy garden party.

Components of Golf Attire

Let's talk about the fashion fundamentals that can carry you from the driving range to a tournament.

Shirts, Polos, and Tops

Just imagine trying to make a perfect swing in a restrictive shirt. Not so good, right? That's why fit and comfort rule the golf world. Polos and shirts with good breathability are the way to go. And for competitions, a collared shirt or polo offers a stylish nod to tradition without compromising on comfort.

Shorts and Trousers

Shorts and trousers in golf should be like a supportive friend: there for you, but not overly clingy. Golf-specific options offer the breathability and stretch you need. And as for length, keep it around knee-length for formal settings.

Golf Shoes

Think of golf shoes as your secret weapon. They provide that crucial stability and grip during your swing. And for those casual weekend games, spikeless shoes or golf-specific trainers can keep things laid back and comfortable.


Yes, even socks matter! A good pair can be your foot's best friend on the course. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your feet dry and ready for action.


Caps, visors, golf hats—pick your headgear based on your style and the day's weather. You'd be surprised how much squinting into the sun can throw off a good shot.

Jackets and Outerwear

When the weather turns chilly, your golf jacket is like a warm hug. Look for ones that offer mobility, wind resistance, and a degree of water resistance. Because no one likes that clammy, wind-blown look, do they?

Dressing for the Weather

Just as you wouldn't wear a parka to the beach, adapting your attire to the weather can be a game-changer on the course.

Hot, Sunny Days

Embrace breathable fabrics and light colors on hot days. Trust us, UV-protected clothing and sunglasses aren't just stylish; they're saving your skin—literally.

Cold, Windy Days

Think of yourself as an onion on cold days—layers, layers, layers! Choose warm, flexible layers that won't restrict your swing. And consider wind-resistant outerwear, because, let's be honest, wind and golf are a tricky combination.

Rainy Conditions

A little rain shouldn't spoil your game. Grab water-resistant or waterproof gear, and consider rain gloves for an improved grip. Because who says you can't make a splash on the course?

Dressing for the Occasion

Different games, different dress codes. Here's how to stay stylish, no matter the occasion.

Casual Games

Casual games are like your fashion playground. Feel free to express your personal style—just remember, comfort should always take center stage. Maybe it's your lucky t-shirt, or those shoes that feel like they're giving your feet a hug. Embrace it!

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Competitions are where the old-school golfing tradition kicks in. Polos, knee-length shorts or trousers, and golf shoes are typically expected. But hey, no one said your polo couldn't be a fun, vibrant color, or your shoes couldn't have a bit of flair. Make the tradition your own!

At the Private Club

Private clubs usually have their own set of rules when it comes to dress code. But within those guidelines, there's still room for your personality to shine. Maybe it's a unique accessory or a bold pattern on your shirt. Remember, style is all about balance and personal expression.

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Navigating the Dressing Don'ts

While golfing is all about having fun and being comfortable, there are a few fashion faux pas to avoid to ensure you and those around you enjoy the game.

Too Much Bling

When it comes to golf, the ‘less is more’ rule applies to jewelry. No one wants to be that person whose bracelets jangle with every swing or whose necklace is more distracting than dazzling.

Oversized Hats

Sure, we all love a bit of dramatic flair now and then, but oversized hats on the golf course can obstruct your view, and let's be honest, they can look a tad out of place.

Sports Team Jerseys

It's great to have team spirit, but remember, you're on a golf course, not in the stadium. Best to save the jerseys for game night at your favorite sports bar.

Heavily Logo-Covered Gear

Logos can be cool, but not when they're screaming for attention from every inch of your outfit. Keep it subtle and classy.

The Trendsetters: Brands Making Moves in Golf Fashion

And finally, let's look at the movers and shakers of golf fashion who are helping golfers step out in style.

Nike and Adidas

These two are the trusty sidekicks of sportswear. They’ve successfully brought their innovative designs into the world of golf, making it easy to look good and feel great on the course.

Random Golf Club and Malbon Golf

Changing the face of golf with their modern designs and twists on classics, these brands are proof that golf attire can be fashion-forward and functional.

Bogey Boys and Bad Birdie

These brands aren't afraid to make a statement. Their bold patterns and unconventional designs are a breath of fresh air as they put a modern twist on traditional golf fashion.

Polo and Polo RLX

These brands masterfully balance classic style and modern trends, offering options that are as sophisticated as they are cool.

G/Fore and Lululemon

If high-quality, chic golf attire is what you're after, these brands have got you covered. Their pieces blend functionality with style, making them a perfect choice for any golfer.

Public Drip

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of streetwear and golf wear, Public Drip has been shaking things up and challenging norms on the golf course.

Hit the links in comfort and style

So there you have it, the down-to-earth guide to golf attire. Remember, golf is about enjoying the game and feeling confident while doing so. Your attire should reflect that. So, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, stay true to your style, and welcome to the club!

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