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"So, whether you’re looking for a set of clubs to get into the game, you’re taking your game more seriously, or you’re happy being a casual golfer but want to upgrade to a higher-quality, better-looking set of clubs, Stix checks every single one of those boxes."


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"After my pleasant experience with their complete box set, I can certainly see the appeal. Golf is supposed to be fun. Sure, it can be expensive to have the most recent club technology and the flashy clubs, but it doesn’t have to be."


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"Whether you're just learning or an experienced weekend golfer, these thoughtfully crafted clubs should help you score lower and smile wider. For $900, these are an absolute steal, with quality that rivals premium sets and a silky-smooth modern style that will leave the country club old-timers gossiping."


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Based on 1963 reviews
Great Set

The clubs are absolutely worth the money. The only reason this is not a 5 star is due to its crappy shipping and handling of the product. Expect scratches and things in your set, it makes you upset having spent the money however it doesn’t take away from the performance I suppose. Please do yourself a favor and get a set of head covers immediately for your woods, driver and putter because they don’t come with anything.

Competing clubs low price

My friend have 2-4,000 sets of clubs I’m keeping up and beating some with this set sincerely enjoy it! Have to get the ole slice down with the driver which is my own fault then we’ll be good!

Iron Set (5 - PW)
Steven Taggart

The 7 iron has some black paint/finish flaws. All the other clubs are ok.

Stix Bundle Offer
Aaron O’Keefe
Highly satisfied

The golf bag and head covers are very nice and it makes things much easier and more cost efficient that that all come together but they are just a bag and head covers, no frills. But if you’re looking for simplistic style then this is it for you. I for one, love my set

Magnetic Golf Towel
Tyler Monroe
Only thing that needs fixing: the snap

This towel is amazing! The material, the magnet, the logo, it's so slick! The only downside is the weak snap-on button that you attach to your golf bag. Easily fixable with a pair of pliers. Stix does it again!!

Best clubs for the price.

I had been looking for a few month at the clubs and got the 14 pice set. Let me start by saying this is my first set I got fitted for me as im over 6 feet tall. Get fitted before you buy them, it's a game changer. If your a tall guy/girl this is the best price you will find for custom clubs that play like pro. I got the silver wish I went with the black. I have used them for one season the driver is as good as advertised. The bag they sell is what you would expect could be a tad bigger for the 14 p set but they do fit well in the bag. Overall very happy with the set. I would recommend this set to anyone looking for a new set.

Eco-Hybrid Golf Glove
Toby Lovelady
Eco-Hybrid Golf Glove

Great glove, tight fitting comfortable. Super thin only down side for me is I wish wrist area was more adjustable other than that I think it's a great glove

Eco-Hybrid Golf Glove
Andrew Benavidez
Very Comfortable!

The softest most comfortable glove I have ever used. Highly recommend!

Classic Set (11 Clubs)
Joshua Olzinski
Good stuff

Very impressed with overall quality. Golf game improved first time on the links.

14 Club set

Great Value and awesome quality.

Worst Idea Ever!!

Now I have to buy another one in a different color! My golf game is horrendous, but I dress as if I'm a 6-time Masters Champion. This hat is light and stylish and will pair perfectly with my new 14-piece set. Will be buying a back up immediately, this white one will likely get dirty quick.

Left handed classic

Great set of clubs grips on them fit perfect on the hand. 56 wedge had great club head weight to impose great strikes.

Complete Set (14 Clubs)
Marco Santiago
Great clubs but some downsides

I have been playing with my clubs about 3-4 times a week now, and I’ve noticed that the little black thing that connects to the driver head and shaft keeps popping off and I have to snap it back on. I don’t know if this means it’s broken or not but a concern for sure

Fitted Stix Hat - FlexFit
Jordan Davidson
Great hat!

I love the hat. Quality seems good and it’s simple but still good looking. Giving 4 stars because it’s a little loose and I got the small/medium. I think it needs more size options to choose from so you can get a more perfect fit.

Classic Set (11 Clubs)
Hayden Cunningham
Amazing Price For Even Better Clubs

I’ve gone through 3 rounds of 18 holes on these clubs. I am very impressed to say the least. I have the standard size/flex and they feel/hit great. These clubs are a must for beginners and amateurs.

Excellent so far

Used once at a simulator and getting great distance out of the clubs. Way better hits then drive then my friends $5000 set. Used at golf course once as well and so far so good. Holding up well and hopefully it stays that way even with some real bad hits.

Iron Set (5 - PW)
Barrett Smith

Good solid clubs, they hit very well. The feel and the look is awesome. I will be trying the woods mext.....

Broox Deatherage
Great clubs

Clubs are really nice, my driver broke but stix sent me a new driver right away. I’m very happy with the clubs and the company has great customer service

Not for an experienced golfer.

Unfortunately after hitting the Stix on multiple occasions I just was not getting the performance I was hoping for. I enjoyed the way they look, and generally they felt fine off the club face. However, when compared to my normal clubs these just didn’t stack up. I appreciate what Stix is trying to do by making sets affordable for people just getting into the game, but if you are an experienced golfer and a low to mid handicap look elsewhere. I will be returning the clubs next week.

Pull the trigger on these.

Absolutely love my set broke 90 for the first time this week. Been playing with these for about 8 months. 3 wood is a beast, absolutely smoke this club! Putter has a great grip on it! Only complaint if I had one was maybe a different putter head shape but I’m happy with it for now.

Great club for the price

I started golfing again this year and wanted to upgrade my 35 yr old clubs but didn't want to spend a ton of money on a set. I found these online and loved the look and the reviews. I ordered them up, got them within about a week. I really love the drivers and the irons. The putter is a heavy beast and I am trying to get used to that. Overall they are a solid set and I am pleased that I made this choice.

Complete Set (14 Clubs)
Michael Sheppard
Great Clubs

The make, design, and durability of these clubs are fantastic! I’ve loved using them. I have also gotten a lot of compliments on them from a handful of other golfers. Thank you Gabe for a great set of clubs.

Giving great structure to a beginner

If you're like me, and just getting started, you'd be hard pressed to find a better option. Before pulling the trigger, I consulted with my buddy, who has been playing since he was old enough to walk, and was close to going pro in college. With his blessing, I placed the order, and my Stix were at my doorstep before I knew it.

I was a caddie when I was younger, and played baseball through highschool, so I had some exposure to golf and the mechanics of swing. But practicing with random clubs was giving me no consistency. On my first day out with my Stix, I was able to quickly hit a decent shot at the range with -each- club, including the woods, which I really struggle on.

The reviews I read were all dead-on. They look super cool, have a great weight & feel, and added distance and a straight flight to every well-executed swing. The only negative so far is that the matte finish is definitely delicate, but keep in mind, these are tools as much as they are toys - you want some battle scars. HUGE plus that through probably 20 buckets, my driver head hasn't come close to denting (my previous driver dented the very first time I took it out, and that alone cost 1/3 of the total of Stix + bag). I've already had multiple people stop and ask me about them - definitely eye-catching and gaining a following.

Last I'll say, I'm trying hard to be honest with myself on every round. I had a brutal first round out at a really difficult muny, but chalked it up to still getting used to the sizing. However, on my second front nine with my set of 11, I got out of there with a 56. If I can get to 112 on 18 after my next round on Friday, I'll be over the moon, and I feel good about doing it.

Hope this helps - best of luck, and hit em straight -

Fairway Wood (5W)
Dean Dietrich
Great club

I really enjoy the 5 wood. It was a great addition to my Stix clubs

Great clubs

Awesome Clubs, Quality, cool looking, perform very well. Used them four times now, had them little over a month. Very happy with them.Wish the putter had a ball scoop on it. Other than that very happy. Worth the money