Lightly Used Perform Series 12 Club Set

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Lightly Used Perform Series 12 Club Set

JPY Current price: ¥145,800 Original price: ¥194,400
Stix Golf Co. Clubs Lightly Used Perform Series 12 Club Set

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  • Details

    Everything you need to up your game

    Meet the simple, quality, affordable set designed for forgiveness and performance and built to last. Enjoy this set as you get into the game, return to the game, or finally upgrade from that hand me down set.

    Set Includes 12 Clubs:
    Driver, 3w, 4h, 6i-PW, 52°, 56°, 60°, Putter
    Stix Headcovers included

    Graphite on Driver, Woods & Hybrids. Options for graphite or steel on irons, wedges & putter.

    Why You’ll Love it

    • Minimalist design - RedDot award winner 2022
    • Premium materials from top to bottom
    • Designed for forgiveness & confidence
    • Built for 99% of golfers
    • All the performance for a fraction of the cost
    • Highly durable black coating
      • Steel vs Graphite Shafts

        Benefits of Steel Shafts:

        • Control and Accuracy: Steel shafts are generally stiffer than graphite shafts. This stiffness can provide better control over the golf ball's trajectory and direction, making them a preferred choice for skilled players who value accuracy.

        • Consistency: Steel shafts offer consistent flex and feedback shot after shot. This allows experienced players to fine-tune their swings and consistently deliver the desired results.

        • Durability: Steel shafts are known for their robustness and durability. They can withstand a higher level of abuse, including contact with the ground, without experiencing significant wear and tear.

        • Lower Torque: Torque refers to the shaft's tendency to twist during the golf swing. Steel shafts generally have lower torque values compared to graphite shafts. This characteristic contributes to enhanced control during the swing.

        Benefits of Graphite Shafts:

        • Lightweight: Graphite shafts are significantly lighter than steel shafts. This reduced weight can help golfers generate higher clubhead speeds, leading to longer drives and increased distance.

        • Vibration Dampening: Graphite shafts are excellent at absorbing vibrations generated during impact. This feature can help reduce the strain on a golfer's hands, wrists, and arms, making them a good choice for players with joint issues or seeking a more comfortable feel.

        • Flexibility: Graphite shafts offer a wider range of flex options, including regular, stiff, and senior flexes. This variety allows golfers to select a shaft that best suits their swing speed and playing style.

        • Increased Swing Speed: The lighter weight of graphite shafts can lead to increased swing speeds, which can translate into greater distance, particularly for players who struggle with generating high clubhead speeds.

        • Shock Absorption: The inherent flexibility of graphite shafts helps distribute impact energy more evenly throughout the shaft. This can reduce the risk of injury and strain caused by sudden shocks during swings.

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