Stix Golf stands behind the quality and durability of our products. Our policies protect our customers’ purchases from manufacturing defects within 6 months from date of receipt, and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Any intentional adjustments made to clubs post purchase (re-shafting, re-gripping, alteration of loft/lie) voids return and/or exchange eligibility & warranty policy. If you have questions or concerns about your Stix Golf purchase please feel free to reach out to us at hello@stix.golf. 

Retail or Wholesale purchases: Returns and exchanges are supported by and subject to policies per retailer. Warranties are supported by the retailers in which the item(s) were purchased, with the exception of online-only partners.

Third-party purchases, individual resale, or purchases made outside of Stix Golf and/or Retail partners are ineligible for returns, exchanges or warranty support.