Women's Golf Club Set

JPY Current price: ¥194,400

Women's Golf Club Set

JPY Current price: ¥194,400
Stix Golf Women's Club Set

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  • Details

    The perfect set of clubs for women golfers

    Set Includes 11 Clubs:
    Driver, 3w, 5w, 5h, 6h, 7-PW, 56°, Putter
    + Bag & Headcovers included

    Why You'll Love it:

    • Designed specifically for Women
    • Light weight & Forgiving
    • Extra distance clubs - 2 woods & 2 Hybrids

    A sophisticated, high-performance women's golf set designed to elevate your game. This set features lightweight, premium quality clubs engineered specifically for women, offering an exceptional balance of power and precision. The clubs boast high-quality graphite shafts that are optimized for a woman's swing speed, promoting greater distance and accuracy on the fairway. With aesthetically pleasing designs and ergonomic grips, these clubs not only perform exceptionally but also stand out for their design and comfort during play.

Ideal set
for Women

Designed with the modern woman golfer in mind, this set features lightweight components and a forgiving clubface to promote distance and accuracy. Shorter club lengths and lighter shafts cater to a wider range of swing speeds, making this set ideal for women who are new to the game or seeking a more comfortable playing experience.

Stix Golf Women's Club Set


Crafted to meet every need of the female golfer, this complete set features every essential club, ensuring it's the only set you'll ever need. This curated set promises to equip you for every aspect of the game, blending versatility with peak performance.

Tuned for


This women's golf set is designed with forgiveness in mind. The large sweet spot on the irons helps you achieve consistent distance even on off-center hits. Crafted club head size and perimeter weighting throughout the irons provide increased stability and launch, allowing for straighter ball flight on mishits.

So Sleek &
So good.

Turn heads on the course with this set's sleek design. The clean lines and elegant color scheme offer a modern aesthetic that complements any golfer's style. Our minimalist design philosophy crafted into this set provides a visually pleasing look without sacrificing performance.


  • The big standout performer in this package set is the driver. It felt and performed like one of the premium models.

    - Forbes | Read More
  • Stix Golf Simplifies the Buying Process With Affordable, Aesthetically Pleasing Clubs

    - Sports Illustrated | Read More
  • Somewhere between cheap, generic-looking beginner’s sets and spendy name-brand clubs, the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price.

    - Golf Magazine | Read More
  • Stix has what we believe is the best complete set of clubs for under $1k. If you're a new golfer up to a mid-handicap - you should absolutely consider Stix for you next set of clubs.

    - Breaking Eighty | Read More
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  • Great upgrade set

    I strongly recommend these clubs for anyone upgrading there set. I bought these clubs to replace my first set of clubs I got off Craigslist. They have performed great and the height customization is extremely helpful.

    - Anthony Bushrod
  • Replace your starter set

    Thank you Stix. The change in look, feel and execution is paramount. My new clubs have brought so much more to my game than I thought possible. Thank you!

    - Michael
  • So Sexy

    I like everything about the clubs great feel/weight, perfect flex, couldn't ask for more in the putter. Never thought I'd consider a golf club(s) to be sexy, but they are.

    - Ben Shaw
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