Play Club Set

AUD Current price: $1,292

Play Club Set

AUD Current price: $1,292
Stix Golf Co. Clubs Play Club Set

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  • Everything you need to enjoy the game

    The ideal starter kit of 10 clubs with bag & head covers. Meet the simple, quality, affordable set designed for forgiveness and performance and built to last. Enjoy this set as you get into the game, return to the game, or finally upgrade from that hand me down set.

    Set Includes 10 Clubs:  Driver, 3w, 4h, 6i-PW, 56°, Putter, Black Stand Bag, 4 Black Head Covers 
    *Rain cover not included

    Shafts: Standard Length, Regular Flex shafts. Graphite shafts on Driver, 3w, 4h, and steel chrome shafts on irons, wedges & putter.

    Why You’ll Love it

    • Great for beginners
    • Minimalist design - RedDot award winner 2022
    • Premium materials from top to bottom
    • Designed for forgiveness & confidence
    • Built for 99% of golfers
    • All the performance for a fraction of the cost
    • Control and Accuracy: Steel shafts are generally stiffer than graphite shafts. This stiffness can provide better control over the golf ball's trajectory and direction, making them a preferred choice for skilled players who value accuracy.

    • Consistency: Steel shafts offer consistent flex and feedback shot after shot. This allows experienced players to fine-tune their swings and consistently deliver the desired results.

    • Durability: Steel shafts are known for their robustness and durability. They can withstand a higher level of abuse, including contact with the ground, without experiencing significant wear and tear.

    • Lower Torque: Torque refers to the shaft's tendency to twist during the golf swing. Steel shafts generally have lower torque values compared to graphite shafts. This characteristic contributes to enhanced control during the swing.

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Stix Golf Co. Clubs Play Club Set

you need

To get into the game
This 10 club set has been meticulously curated to give you everything you need to get into golf. From Driver to Putter and everything in between including bag and headcovers, this it will have you turning heads and crushing fairways like never before.

Built for

Stix Golf sets are meticulously engineered with forgiveness in mind, ensuring that each club is designed to compensate for off-center hits, making them ideal for golfers at any skill level looking to improve their game. This focus on forgiveness not only boosts confidence on the course but also enhances overall playability, making Stix Golf sets a smart choice for those seeking to lower their scores and enjoy the game more.

Stix Golf Co. Clubs Lightly Used Play Series 10 Club Set


Our clubs blend impeccable functionality with an award-winning aesthetic, earning the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design and the honor of being sold in the Museum of Modern Art. This recognition not only underlines our commitment to excellence in design but also showcases our dedication to creating golf clubs that are as visually stunning as they are performance-driven, setting a new standard in the golfing world.

Stix Golf Clubs Compete Driver

Perfect for
99% of golfers

50% of golfers shoot over 100, 20% can break 90, and only 1% can shoot par regularly. For those of us who love and enjoy the game, but can't justify $3,000+ on a set, this set has everything you need to start golfing today.

Learn More About Our Clubs


10.5°, 460cc titanium driver, graphite shaft.

A driver’s primary purpose is that of distance; Get the ball as far down the fairway as possible. Our driver, like all of our clubs, features stunning black on black, minimalist finishes, but capitalizes on the modern advancements in club making to bring forth a farther and straighter ball flight. When you’re ready to grip it and rip it, our driver will give you the kind of confidence that calms the nerves and makes the fairway feel a little wider.

Loft 10.5°
Length (Standard) 45"
Lie 60°
Head Weight 196g
Shaft Weight 66g
Swing Weight D1


Stainless steel heads, graphite shaft

Our fairway woods make those really long approach shots feel a little shorter. We added just enough loft to help you get it up in the air easier and straighter but not lose distance by utilizing a lighter and smarter shaft design to naturally increase swing speed. We can help you make that hard to reach Green in Regulation when you need it most.

Detail 5w 3w
Loft 19° 16°
Length (Standard) 42" 43"
Lie 59° 60°
Head Weight 220g 212g
Shaft Weight 66g 66g
Swing Weight D1 D1


Stainless steel head, graphite shaft

Our 21 degree, 4 hybrid gives you the assurance you’ve long sought after whether you’re on the tee box or deep in the fescue. Designed for distance while providing the forgiveness of a lofted Iron, you’ll feel right at home on the first swing. High and far is the name of the game here.

Loft 21°
Length (Standard) 40"
Lie 59.5°
Head Weight 234g
Shaft Weight 66g
Swing Weight D1


Cavity-back, 120g chrome plated steel shafts

Our irons have been thoughtfully and masterfully crafted to bring out the best game in the widest range of players. With a massive sweet spot and super hot face, distance and forgiveness are your new golf buddies. Whether you’re just hoping the ball will go straight, or taking dead aim on a long par 3, you’ll be amazed with the performance and design on all fronts.

Detail 5i 6i 7i 8i 9i PW
Loft 22° 25° 28° 33° 39° 45°
Length (Standard) 38” 37.5” 37” 36.5” 36” 35.5”
Lie 61° 61.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 63.5°
Offset 11mm 10.5mm 10mm 9.5mm 9mm 8.5mm
Head Weight 259g 264g 272g 279g 287g 294g
Shaft Weight 64g120g 64g120g 64g120g 64g120g 64g120g 64g120g
Swing Weight D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D2


Blade style wedges, milled face, regular flex, chrome plated steel shaft

The shafts on Play wedges are regular flex. The wedges feature a chrome finish with an extremely high level of durability and scratch resistance to keep your clubs looking sharp.

Detail GW (52°) SW (56°) LW (60°)
Loft 52° 56° 60°
Length (Standard) 35.50" 35.25" 35.00"
Lie 64° 64° 64°
Bounce 10.5° 11° 10°
Head Weight 300g 300g 308g
Shaft Weight 57g120g 57g120g 57g120g
Swing Weight D3 D3 D3


Mallet designed putter with chrome plated steel shaft

With its sophisticated architecture, optimized performance and breathtaking aesthetics, our expertly designed Mallet putter feels as good as it looks. The large squared grip and milled face give you ultimate control over your putts producing the confidence you’ve always desired when standing over a knee knocking 4 footer. Make the putt with the Stix putter.

Length (Standard) 34"
Lie 71°
Head Weight 430g


The big standout performer in this package set is the driver. It felt and performed like one of the premium models.

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Stix Golf Simplifies the Buying Process With Affordable, Aesthetically Pleasing Clubs

- Sports Illustrated | Read More

Somewhere between cheap, generic-looking beginner’s sets and spendy name-brand clubs, the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price.

- Golf Magazine | Read More

Stix has what we believe is the best complete set of clubs for under $1k. If you're a new golfer up to a mid-handicap - you should absolutely consider Stix for you next set of clubs.

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Great upgrade set

I strongly recommend these clubs for anyone upgrading there set. I bought these clubs to replace my first set of clubs I got off Craigslist. They have performed great and the height customization is extremely helpful.

- Anthony Bushrod

Replace your starter set

Thank you Stix. The change in look, feel and execution is paramount. My new clubs have brought so much more to my game than I thought possible. Thank you!

- Michael

So Sexy

I like everything about the clubs great feel/weight, perfect flex, couldn't ask for more in the putter. Never thought I'd consider a golf club(s) to be sexy, but they are.

- Ben Shaw
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