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"By identifying a potential value gap in the golf club market, Stix has positioned itself well to tap into a robust consumer base in one of the nation’s biggest participation sports. And since more than 2/3 of golfers can’t break 90, there are plenty of participants out there more concerned with experience over technology."

"... the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price...The Stix clubs are manufactured by an established OEM that makes components for many of the big brands and they feel as good as they look."

"Coyne cites Harry’s Razors and Dollar Shave Club as the Stix Golf model as companies that offer a lower-priced alternative to established names. He puts the Stix set as occupying a space between the discount box sets at sporting goods stores and the $3,000 that could be spent to buy a full set of premium clubs."

"They look like branded clubs. They play like branded clubs. But when you check out the price tag ... you immediately understand the difference. Leave it to a team of entrepreneurs from Chicago’s western suburbs to shake up the golf industry with a motto of 'premium quality and minimalist design at a fair price.'"

"The aesthetic of Stix clubs lacks the often distracting appearance of other clubs, with their elegant black-on-black finish and its minimalist design appeals to consumers that want clubs to reflect their modern and streamlined style. By removing the 'noise' found in other club designs, the result is hardware that feels good and performs well."

"There’s usually the cheapos that start around $300 and you don’t want any part of those if you are a grown human being with dignity. All of a sudden it then jumps to nearly $1000... which isn’t bad, but doesn’t necessarily get you excited. Oh and by the way – those will run you $77 a club. Over $20 more per club than Stix, and let me tell you, Stix will outperform in every facet of those junkies."


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