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Stix makes modern high quality golf gear that offers premium feel and performance at a fair price.

Origin Story

Stix was born when the founder was shopping for his first upgrade after 20 years of playing casually. A beginner set didn't feel like an upgrade, and the a la cart set was $2k+, and all of the design seemed dated. So like entrepreneurs do, if you can't find a good solution, build it.

Modern & Fair

We craft premium golf clubs at a fair price-point, challenging the culture of over-priced equipment. If you're like us, you love the feel of well built tools in your hand, and appreciate when they look fantastic and don't break the bank.

Young, tattooed guy wearing a Stix hat and wearing a Stix golf club.

Less is more

Stix has a minimalist design ethos, creating products that appeal to the modern golfer. Designed by a leading industrial designer, the clubs were carefully crafted to appeal to the golfer that appreciates minimal design in all aspects of their life.

Look better, play better.

Stix produces confidence-building hardware. The better you look, the better you’ll play. If your gear looks and feels great, you are going to feel confident and play better.

Join #TeamStix

We invite you to join the team. No matter your age, gender, color, or handicap, if you swing Stix, you're a part of our family. Get a grip on the set of clubs you deserve.