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"So, whether you’re looking for a set of clubs to get into the game, you’re taking your game more seriously, or you’re happy being a casual golfer but want to upgrade to a higher-quality, better-looking set of clubs, Stix checks every single one of those boxes."


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"After my pleasant experience with their complete box set, I can certainly see the appeal. Golf is supposed to be fun. Sure, it can be expensive to have the most recent club technology and the flashy clubs, but it doesn’t have to be."


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"Whether you're just learning or an experienced weekend golfer, these thoughtfully crafted clubs should help you score lower and smile wider. For $900, these are an absolute steal, with quality that rivals premium sets and a silky-smooth modern style that will leave the country club old-timers gossiping."


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As of April 2021, all Stix irons and wedges now feature a Diamond-Like finish for enhanced durability and scratch resistance — which means your STIX clubs will keep looking like they cost 3x the price, game after game.

Based on 462 reviews
My first golf set

I had mixed feelings about the driver, since some review says the driver breaks. However after using it myself at course n driving range. It’s perfect set for new golfers. Bag is very good quality, the covers are a bit troublesome to fit in clubs. Over all five star

Stop wedges

Love em. They are cool as can be and hit well.

Had no idea what irons came with the 9 club set.

Please spell out what clubs come with the 9 club set? 5-PW? 6-SW? You are hiding the numbers for some reason.

The Complete Set - Stix Golf Clubs 14-Piece

Absolutely Love My STIX

First time I used my club's, amazed at how much further I could hit. Beautiful set, women’s clubs are great. Worth the wait….

STIX rocks

I'm PROUD to wear my new STIX t-shirt and you will too!

Played the front 9 yesterday to break them in

These clubs are exceptional. I can't wait to get back out. Very nice quality. I think my neighbor is going to get a set now.


Love my bag

Driver Head snapped first swing.

Worth the wait

I waited for my clubs for about 6 weeks, totally worth it. I was using a Top-Flite box set that was pretty bad. I'm definitely still not good at golf but I noticed I had a few more nice shots than usual with these clubs.

Love my Clubs

I have played twice with my new Stix set. I love them. My long game is even better.

Quality wedges

Overall very happy with the 3 wedge set. For the price and quality it would be hard to find a better deal. I’ve had the Costco/Kirkland wedges (which are probably the closest in competition) and prefer the Stix. Especially since you can get custom lengths.

Have played a few rounds with them so far. First impressions- feel and look great. Decent amount of spin on the greens. Finish seems okay some minor scratches when hitting out of sand (no less than I have seen with other black wedges). Seem to carry slightly longer and higher than other wedges (likely due to graphite shaft and part of reason I wanted to try them). Weight distribution feels smooth and easy to hit variety of shots. Moderate looking bounce angles. Grips were okay, just a basic rubber grip that will suit most players and last awhile. Overall the looks and feel of the wedges inspired confidence at address and preformed as expected.

I was hesitant at first given the inability to see in person prior to buying. The 30 day trail helped my decision.

Things for Stix to consider:
-Add bounce angles to description
-Be more transparent with shipping estimates
-Change red line on wedge face to white
-Consider steel shaft option and grip upgrades in the future.

The Complete Set - Stix Golf Clubs 14-Piece

Only played one round but really liking them so far

Absolutely love them!

Love these wedges, they are awesome! No color discoloration or nothing and I’ve played 6 rounds with them so far. Great product! Keep up the work guys!

11 Piece set

My new Stix clubs are amazing. They are the perfect size fitted for me and they look and feel great! Well worth the money. The bag is also top quality with plenty of pockets for all the extras. I wouldn't waste your money on the club covers though. They are a very tight fit and fit the clubs awkwardly. Other than that, I highly recommend Stix clubs!

Worth the price!

I’ve played 18 holes twice with these clubs and I must say they do not disappoint! The heads on the irons are a big upgrade from V1, minimal scratching on these clubs. There are visible scratches don’t get me wrong but what black clubs don’t? Especially at this price! Washed them with soap and water with a microfiber towel and they cleaned right up. I will say if you use plastic white tees they do mark up the heads easier rather than wooden tees. Wasn’t sure how I felt about graphite shafts for the irons but I found it made the heads feel heavier which allowed me to let the momentum of the swing do all the work with minimal effort. The driver can easily get to 200yds with no effort at all! The grips are cheap, nothing fancy but who cares?! By the time you feel comfortable with the clubs it’ll be time to swap out the grips anyway which will give you to opportunity to lengthen or shorten the shaft length for yourself. Did STIX spend the money on the parts of the club that matter? Yes. Are you going to find this great of a deal anywhere else? Probably not.

Still haven’t received clubs

Ordered them on July 21 and was supposed to ship early August. Didn’t ship until end of August and was supposed to be delivered September 4th. Still haven’t received them.

The Classic Set - Stix Golf Clubs 11-Piece

Need a little more hitting time to get the feel. Have a great feel and are nice looking clubs. Money well spent. Haven't had time to go to golf course yet but will very soon. I will be recommending them to my friends.

Stix Golf Headcovers
Andre Fuller
Head Covers

Well worth the wait, really nice clubs and bag! Perfect set for beginner/casual golfer.

Never received head covers???

Absolutely killer clubs! Great feel, great look, great sound on a solid strike.

Super Cool and on the mark

Loving these clubs.. right on the money with length, flex and feel…surprised at how heavy the putter is so a bit of an adjustment. Overall, these clubs give you great down range distance, awesome mid-range push and fantastic short range touch….

Fantastic clubs scoring came down straight away

Stix Golf is Fantastic

I ordered my 14 piece set, stiff shaft, and size 6,4-6,7. I am more of a beginner golfer and these clubs are a great first set. I am hitting the ball farther and straighter more often, which makes me quite a satisfied customer. The only issue I have had so far is how long it took to get the clubs. I waited much longer than anticipated for the clubs, however it was worth the wait in the long run.