As of April 2021, all Stix irons and wedges now feature a Diamond-Like Carbon finish for enhanced durability and scratch resistance — which means your STIX clubs will keep looking like they cost 3x the price, game after game.

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Affordable great clubs

Great deal with these clubs, really love the feel they bring. Only improvement will be the paint job, once they arrive you can see some spots that weren’t fully painted but other than that great feel and great price. Great customer service as well!

Game changer

I started out with STIX driver and woods and my game improved immediately! The iron set is next! I want to be 100% STIX by summer (Bag and all)

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Stop reading reviews and just buy a set!

Did I have my best round of 9 holes the first time I used my Stix’s? Yes. Did I shoot a 57 on them 9 holes? Irrelevant. What is relevant is how many times I was told how sexy my new clubs look. I don’t know if it was the compliments that boosted my self esteem or the fact that these are just solid clubs that helped improve my game. Maybe Primetime was right “You look good. You feel good. You feel good. You play good. You play good. THEY PAY GOOD.” That’s just my two cents. Buy them. You don’t like them(you will) you can send them back(you won’t).

Finding clubs

I’m 6’6 so you can imagine finding clubs in my size has been pretty tough, to make it harder I’m also left handed. I looked and researched for months and always came back to stix. The price was perfect and in my size. Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Love the clubs

I love the clubs, but I wish I would of waited and got the 14 piece set cause I need a 60 wedge, but overall a great upgrade for a second year player last year I was shooting high 50s this year mid 40s

Coating coming off

The black coating on the irons is coming off after only two rounds. Kinda wonder if I'm going to experience any other flaws.

Hi Dennis! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. While the black coating does show wear like most black golf clubs, it should not be excessive nor be happening so quickly. Please send us an email at with some pictures and our team will evaluate to see if it's normal wear or if we need to get you some replacements. Also, your clubs do have a 6 month warranty!

Great bargain price

I have done one range session, and played one round of golf with my new Stix. My previous clubs were all over ten years old. These Stix are perfect for me. They feel great, they go a long ways. I would highly recommend. Thanks stix!

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
A different stroke

I’m a 59yr old man who will turn 60 next month I am 5ft 10in and my weight is 170 with this set of clubs I feel like I can play with the best out on the course that day this set of clubs have my confidence higher than ever my ball go farther my accuracy is a lot the driver and putter are great now when I get on the course I feel like I am the best player on the course

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set

I am 6ft 8inch tall. I got a complete set of clubs without breaking the bank. I am a new golfer getting ready for retirement and have been having fun every since I received my set I'm a beginner loosing lots of balls but have alot of fun. I could use some basic training videos if you have any.

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set

My wife ordered a set of Stix Golf clubs for my birthday. (I found them through a Google search). Not only are the clubs the best I"ve ever owned--and that includes some well-known brands--but the Stix Golf customer service went beyond any expectations. Here's the story: Ordered a set in mid-March; after a week and a half, UPS certified that the clubs were lost or stolen. My wife was certain we wouldn't have the clubs in time for the birthday celeb. In comes Stix customer service and a. young man named Sam K. Sam not only kept us updated by daily emails, he continually contacted UPS to determine the status. Not only did he help us through the paperwork for the claim, but once UPS officially recognized the clubs were lost or stolen, Sam K. and Stix Golf shipped a new set even BEFORE the refund was issued. Sam was aware that they were for an early April gift and he made damn sure the clubs were here on time. I've used the clubs four times and I haven't hit the ball so straight or so far--ever. My wife used the 3W off the tee and hit the ball 35 yards farther than her current driver. Yep, we are so impressed--with the clubs and the company--we ordered her a set.


I was really glad that Stix had this bundle deal! Amazing price to get a lot of clubs to complete my other iron and wedge sets. Disclaimer, I am a beginner and have never used any of the big brand name drivers or clubs so I can't really say how do these compare to them. I've only had another beginner set and these do feel a lot better. The clubs do feel on the light-weight side, whether that is a positive or negative for you. I like it because I feel like I have more control and can hit pretty well. Anyways, I'm really satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone that would like new decent clubs without having to spend a fortune.

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Great clubs

I a really happy with my clubs. They arrived perfectly and the first experience is great. Feel good, good control and great look. I think the black colour on the clubheads will not last but I don’t mind. It will not affect their quality. And moreover the price is really sharp. Grtz


So far I’ve used the putter in two rounds. Feels really good so far. Mad a couple of long putts and my lags have done very well!

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Stix golf club set

Great set! First set of clubs I’ve purchased and I’m very pleased that I did. I’ve noticed my drives seem to be going farther than before. Clubs are very forgiving, which is great since I’m not very good. I would recommend these to anyone that is starting out or your occasional golfer.

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
As Good As Advertised!!!

Just getting back into the game so I am mainly working on the mechanics of my swing & striking the ball consistently. I received my full set 2 weeks ago and have had the chance to hit them at the range, play 2 rds at local courses, as well as 2 rds on a simulator. When I do my part & strike the ball correctly these clubs certainly do the job on their end.

The Stix set is my first new set that I have ever bought & am extremely happy with my purchase. I have had a couple golfing buddies of mine who have been playing for years hit them & they say they love the way the feel. I highly recommend these clubs!!!

Awesome clubs

I bought these iron set after mulling it over for a for a week. I can say I am very happy with the purchase. They are super responsive and forgiving after a few outings and on the range. I should have opted into buying the full set when it was on sale but I will do that later in the year. As of now, the upgrade to my iron was a much needed upgrade. I will be testing these out in a tournament this upcoming May, very anxious for 2021 golfing season.

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Best Clubs I’ve Ever Owned

Great clubs, good feel to them and they look as sharp as a tuxedo on Prom Night.

Fairway woods

Recently purchased the 3 and 5 fairway woods, couldnt be happier! Ball just explodes off these..buddy was using them also and now hes going to purchase a whole set i believe. Thank you Stix golf!!

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
New player and clubs are making a difference

This is the first set of new clubs I have ever purchased. I just began playing with my boyfriend recently. I was a competitive college field hockey and basketball player some 30 years ago and since missing that competition so long , golf seemed like a natural progression for me. I love the look of the club's...super sexy in all black. Have not had issues yet with losing shine. All black design is super cool. I have picked up a good 10 to 15 yards on all of my drives with driver and irons. Overall very happy and the price was very good in comparison to other sets.

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Great Decision

Price point, quality, no shortcuts. I think that's all you need to know about these clubs. I have never hit irons as well as I hit the Stix irons. Well designed, sleek, and compact.

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Love my Stix

Changing to senior shafts was the right thing to do. I'm hitting the ball straighter and further than I was with my Taylor Mades. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Stixs.

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Set
Broken Driver

I bought my new 12 piece set of Stix golf clubs. I was very excited to use them so as soon as they came in, i went golfing the next day. I used my driver about 5 times and the head of the driver came off. I am an amateur golfer but these golf clubs are made for beginners, or so they advertise. After maybe a total of 10 swings my driver head broke. They did send me a replacement driver, but I was sent a USED driver. Which to me, looks bad on their part because I did not even get a full game with my BRAND NEW driver before it broke. Then to get a used driver just kind of put me in a odd spot with the company.

Hey Travis! We’re so sorry for the bad experience you had--twice! That doesn’t sit well with us at Stix and we will learn from this for sure. You should have received an email about this, but we put in an order to get you a NEW driver as soon as we get them back in stock (later this month). In the meantime, please use the used driver you accidentally received - or feel free to donate it or give it to a friend. Sorry again, but glad we could make this right.


Love them!! They are such sleek clubs.