The big standout performer in this package set is the driver. It felt and performed like one of the premium models.

- Forbes

The latest and greatest club technology is just too complicated today for many average and new golfers, and too expensive.

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Stix Golf Simplifies the Buying Process With Affordable, Aesthetically Pleasing Clubs

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Somewhere between cheap, generic-looking beginner’s sets and spendy name-brand clubs, the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price.

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Great upgrade set

I strongly recommend these clubs for anyone upgrading there set. I bought these clubs to replace my first set of clubs I got off Craigslist. They have performed great and the height customization is extremely helpful.

- Anthony Bushrod
Replace your starter set

Thank you Stix. The change in look, feel and execution is paramount. My new clubs have brought so much more to my game than I thought possible. Thank you!

- Michael
So Sexy

I like everything about the clubs great feel/weight, perfect flex, couldn't ask for more in the putter. Never thought I'd consider a golf club(s) to be sexy, but they are.

- Ben Shaw
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'22 56° Wedge
Cameron D.
Great set!

Took these out for my first round in two years. Every club shot smooth and hit my ranges. I got the irons and now I’m convinced to go back for woods. For the price, this is an unbelievable set.

Play Club Set
Donta Tanner
Solid Stix 4 Sure

Cool, crisp and clean! It’s been a while since I played golf. My average game was between 79 to 85. I decided to get this starter set to get back in it. Took them to the range and I’m impressed; good feel, good performance and good buy for sure. By the way, I picked up the 52° gap wedge and the 60° as well.

Perform Club Set
Craig Gerndt Jr.
Great Yet Missing Options

Look great and feel great. However, the left-handed options force users into a single length of club and no flexible shaft options so these could be better.

PW Iron Silver
AJ Banspach

great club great durability and gives great backspin in my ball.

Excellent addition to Perform 11 set

Love the 5 wood club. Excellent addition to my perform 11 set. Love these clubs. Thank you Stix for great service

Perform Series 14 Club Set - Steel
Ty Warden
Clubs chipped

Clubs got delivered with multiple chips in them before a trip so I was not able to go through the long processes of returning them and waiting for new ones would just be nice to get delivered what you ordered

Play Club Set
Marshall Kastner
First Purchased Set Ever

I have always had hand me down high end clubs and sold my last set in 2017… These Stix clubs being my first ever purchased brand new set, I am completely impressed. For the price point and the product performing well out of the box, this set is well worth the money. Loved them so much, I just purchased a 5wood, 5iron and 60 degree wedge to complete my set.

Once I get my rhythm back I will upgrade to a higher end set and keep these in reserve for when friends visit.

Perform Series 14 Club Set
Sara Syvertson
Love at first swing

After considering these for months I finally pulled the trigger. I have been using an old set I purchased 12 years ago. I added 30 yards to my drive alone. They set is very sleek and sexy looking. But feel even better in my hands, the grips are comfortable. The putter has great weight distribution and was lining up way better every shot. I ordered the set alone and purchased my own bag. I would definitely recommend these clubs, I play once a week depending on whose in my company sometimes more. For the price and quality I'm very happy!

PW Iron
Paul Hillier
Great Looking Clubs

Got many compliments in the clubs. Cool sleek look. I'm not a scratch golfer by any means. I drink cold ones and hit the ball till it goes in the whole. But these are by far better than my old Dunlops. Bought the irons and the wedges. They feel good in the hands. Im not much help in the performance of the clubs in this review but I like them.

The look for one, but they are also very well made and forgiving.

The finish lasts for the first swing. Centered a ball and the tee left a white scratch all the way down the bottom of the club. They are subpar at best

If you want to squat down while you play these are perfect. Order the longest clubs they make if you want a regular length club.

Got a set with iron shafts but isn’t an option on individual irons, only graphite. Club did okay, out of the 15 clubs purchased, this was probably the best one. I’d still go name brand regardless.

Just spend the money and get a name brand that you can try in store. Clubs I ordered are regular length and compared to a Calloway they’re 2 inches shorter.

Even with the chrome irons they scratch up very easily and as far as the black clubs by the first swing they are ruined aesthetically.

7 Iron

Finish comes off of black clubs. Not as forgiving as described or many other manufacturers.

Perform Club Set
Emanuel Valdez
Awesome clubs

Very good set of clubs for a beginner like me. Using them everyday and so far no complaints. Awesome feel on grips and putter is amazing!!

Perform Club Set
Britt Rittman
Great set

Love this set. Not to mention all the compliments I get on the course on them and people asking what kind they are! Plus they play great!

Aron Rhoades
Very Cool

As they have said below, it is on the heavy side but once you get use to that, you can just glide through the ball and make some nice putts. Very happy with this putter. It also has a comfortable fit to me.

'22 Driver

Best driver

Perform Club Set
Chris Papy

Couldn’t be happier received my set today arrived in great condition clubs feel amazing I hit the pw in the yard and love it can’t wait to take them to the course

Perform Series 11 Club Bundle - Graphite (11 Clubs + Bag)
Great clubs!!

I’ve used these clubs twice,& love the sleek design as well as the feel of the clubs. I was a little skeptical at first because of the graphite shaft on the driver,but it’s very stiff,& I’ve been hitting it really well

'22 Driver

Easily hitting extra 20 yards with this baby.

Boyfriend loves the product

Perform Series 11 Club Set
Jerome A Chester
Great feel

After a day at the range, I’m loving these clubs. Had a couple of friends try them and wanted to borrow them the next time they golfed. Excellent product.