The big standout performer in this package set is the driver. It felt and performed like one of the premium models.

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The latest and greatest club technology is just too complicated today for many average and new golfers, and too expensive.

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Stix Golf Simplifies the Buying Process With Affordable, Aesthetically Pleasing Clubs

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Somewhere between cheap, generic-looking beginner’s sets and spendy name-brand clubs, the recently launched Stix Golf has created its own market: beautiful, minimalist, modern clubs at a good price.

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Great upgrade set

I strongly recommend these clubs for anyone upgrading there set. I bought these clubs to replace my first set of clubs I got off Craigslist. They have performed great and the height customization is extremely helpful.

- Anthony Bushrod
Replace your starter set

Thank you Stix. The change in look, feel and execution is paramount. My new clubs have brought so much more to my game than I thought possible. Thank you!

- Michael
So Sexy

I like everything about the clubs great feel/weight, perfect flex, couldn't ask for more in the putter. Never thought I'd consider a golf club(s) to be sexy, but they are.

- Ben Shaw
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disappointed .

so far I have been disappointed in the clubs . I have been using a set of used clubs of mixed brands that I bought for $60.00 that I was doing well with . the driver is a big bertha titanium 454 .10 degree. I was doing well with a 3 iron too. Temperatures are going to be in the 40's next week and are golf season is almost over to test these clubs out again.

Nice clubs till..

I really like the performance of these clubs and the look but the fact that they get so scratched up after the first few swings is enough to for me to drop 2 stars. It’s like buying a brand new car and then soon as you get home and park it you notice key scratches all the way down the side.

Great looking set

So happy I ended up getting this set after months of looking at them. Maybe wish I would’ve known they were dropping the he steel shaft set, but maybe I’ll upgrade later.


These are the best clubs I’ve ever owned. My game improved tremendously and my long shots are straighter and longer. My short game improved as well. I needed to clubs years ago. Way to go Stix!!!!!!

Stand Bag
Tom Allen
Golf Bag

Plenty of pockets, light and durable.

Casual Set (9 Clubs)
Stephen Woll
Great looking clubs

Clubs look great in the all black. Pretty balanced in weight. The only thing negative that I can think of is they lack some pop. Definitely hitting some balls shorter unlike when I’ve played with Callaway or TaylorMade clubs.


Got the wedges earlier in the summer and knew within a few days that I wanted to get the irons. Finally talked the wife into it heading into the fall and took them out to the range the day I got them. Love them! The look and feel are awesome!

Getting more comfortable with them

At first I did not like them but after using them a few times I was able to feel more comfortable. I think I will enjoy them.

Stand Bag
Luke McDaniel
Kickstand doesn’t work well at all

Kick stand is terrible

Stand Bag
Shengze Hou

The best thing what I have!

Casual Set (9 Clubs)
German Carbajal
1st set

I've been apart of a few company golf tournament which is why Ive been more invested in purchasing my own set instead of renting the clubs sets. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. No buyers remorse since this is the cheapest set I've been able to find. I don't see myself making any replacement soon unless something breaks but I can feel happy that I can pick up and go to the range and not be reliant on the the rentals.

Great set of clubs!

I used Nike irons, and an M2 driver for years. These clubs feel better in the hand, and offer a lot of forgiveness. The wedges are fantastic, and the woods are perfect. Good driver, and the irons rock.

Great clubs

The package arrived in perfect condition. Fairway woods, irons, wedges and putter are all awesome. The irons have increased my range by 20-30 yards with no reduction in accuracy. I'm still getting to grips with the driver. Happy customer.

Stand Bag
Russell Mardon

The bag looks good and does the job. Satisfied customer.

Fairway Wood (5W)
Trey Midla

Love these clubs definitely upped my game and you guys have awesome customer service

Robert McDole

I had a problem with my driver and Stix was quick to replace the driver and make it right.

Casual Set (9 Clubs)
Bradford Selby
Big fan!

Looks good! Plays well! Got a “lightly used” set and it felt and looked brand new when it arrived. Haven’t had them long so not sure how they’ll stand the test of time but been on the course and the range and they still look and feel good!


Very nice looking clubs that play well at an affordable price. This is a steal of a deal that I recommend taking advantage of.

Great clubs

Just a weekend hack, but love the feel of these clubs...major improvement over what I had previously.

Good clubs

I’ve only played 3 rounds with these clubs. It took a little adjustment but I really do like them. Overall, I’m very pleased with the value and quality.

Very reliable golf ball.

Quality clubs at a fair price

Bought these clubs just to try out for the price to see if they were any good. I have been very impressed with the quality of these clubs.

Fairway Wood (5W)
Jerry Anderson
Outstanding customer service

Thank you, Stix for exceeding expectations. The club replacement process was simple and efficient. You guys handled the process with a smooth & steady stroke.

Broke them in

My first time using them it seemed like i was hitting further than I was before, they feel great and look great. Now I just need to fix my slice and I'll be set for a long while

High Quality Customer Care

There was an issue with my order (which easily could have been my own fault) and they were very quick to resolve it. While there wasn’t a number to call someone I sent a message and they called within 30 minutes, issued me a return label and express delivered replacements. You could tell the person who helped me (Malcom I believe) really cared about the experience and representing this company