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Great Looks, Great Price!

Sharpest set of clubs I've ever seen and they play as well as any of them. I'm hitting my 5w and 4h off the deck better than ever! And I didn't have to break the bank to do it. Thanks Stix!

Not bad!

It was a decent putter! Bit on the heavy side. I bought it just to give it a chance. Prolly will end up giving it to my brother. Just to heavy for my liking.

Amazing clubs, but nightmare to get them from France

Clubs are perfect, beautiful, easy to play, very low price regarding quality
This is a nighmare to buy from France, you will take a big shot in delivery and again one big shot for custom importation fee.
At the end the cost is almost the double.
Very sad because clubs are very amazing !!!
Please fix this and create a shop in UE !!!

Great Clubs!

These clubs are excellent for the price. The irons are comparable to any of the big brands. I hit the irons around the same distances and they are solid. The driver and woods have a good feel too. I got some good pop on the driver. The only negative I found is there is a big distance gap in the irons between the Pitching and Sand wedges. And they are going to get some scratches, but still look good. They are golf clubs, not sunglasses. A few scratches don't make them work any less.

Stix Golf Putter

Awesome clubs. Awesome price. Gives name brands a solid competitor.

Great Set fo Golf Clubs

It felt right when you are using them , perfect balance , size and look!

Perfect first set.

My first ever set of clubs. Absolutely loving them. Very forgiving but not lacking any on the style.

I love these clubs, I'm no professional but I feel like it with these. I'm a tall guy and always had a hard time with my irons, but with stix clubs I got the rall ones and my swing is so much better now. And they look absolutely amazing!

Super happy

I’m a first time golfer. I played college sports and have always picked up new sports very quickly. I wanted a good beginner set that could last me while I learn how to play golf. Turns out that golf is different. I got humbled real quick once I started swinging. Even though my swing needs some work the clubs are great. They look sick and my golfer friends hit them like they cost 3x as much. Would recommend. The stix team has also been very helpful. THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!

Stix Golf Clubs 12-Piece Complete Set

Love my Stix!!

I have been playing on my beginner set for 9 years now and had been really wanting to upgrade my clubs, but had no desire to spend thousands on clubs when im just a weekend warrior. I found stix on instagram and loved the price point. Played 3 rounds with my new clubs and they fit my game perfectly, and they look fantastic out on the course. Highly recommend for all level of golfers

Random Golfer - Perfect Clubs

As someone who has always purchased packaged clubs due to my limited play and ability, I wanted a better set to commensurate with my increased play. These clubs not only are sharp looking they perform better than I expected.

Almost 5 Stars

I love everything about the irons and putter. They perform really well and feel great making contact. The woods were VERY surprising. They were much better than I could have imagined. The only reason I am giving a 4 star instead of 5 is the fact the driver only comes in 10.5 degree loft. As someone who pops the ball up a little too much, the 10.5 exaggerates that even more. If there was a 9 degree driver I would promptly give a 5 star review!

Great clubs.

Bought the fairway woods and couldn't be happier. Easy to hit and very well made clubs. Can't go wrong with these clubs.

Tee-riffic Golf Clubs!

First off, I’m not one to give reviews. But when a product that I purchase deserves a review (nice or ugly), I’m more than happy to share my experiences and thoughts about it. This is certainly the case for Stix Golf Gear. I recently snagged a set of clubs and the next day hit the links with some buddies, and these clubs are exactly what I’ve been searching for. They’re sleek, of great quality and at a nice price. What’s more is that I’ve already noticed a change in my game for the better, and that’s only after one round. So - bartender - gimme ‘notha round with these bad boys - they’re Tee-riffic!

Excellent so far!

Got the +.5” 12 piece set and it’s been great. Way cheaper than a fitting and I’m definitely a casual golfer and new to the sport so these were exactly what I was looking for. I really like the consistency of feel across the board that all the clubs in my set have the same style grip, balance, club face and flex. Very helpful for someone who is trying to minimize variables and improve. Looking forward to seeing what other gear comes out this year.

They look good and feel good, but be careful when ordering from anywhere but the US...

As I said these clubs are great and highly recommended for anyone, who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a full set. BUT please be aware that shipping outside the US (in my case Germany) is quite expensive. I paid $100 in shipping fees and then another $150 for customs (import fees).

Great purchase!

Love the look and feel of my clubs. They perform great and look even better in the bag.

Stix Golf Clubs

To start off, I'm 30 years old and play golf once or twice a week. I was very happy to purchase my own new clubs instead of using old hand-me-downs. The clubs arrived in PERFECT factory new condition which was awesome. I went out today to play with them at the small par 3 course near my house and was very happy, they looked and performed very well! They are very forgiving cavity-back clubs, I was getting good results even when hitting off the toe. When struck pure, they hit much further than I did with my old clubs. The ONLY downside I have noticed is that these clubs are absolutely not going to stay pretty for long at all! I have attached 4 pictures. The first is what the clubs looked like brand new in my bag (you'll notice I had to buy a 50 degree gap wedge because the loft gap between the set's P and S wedges). The other 3 pictures are three different clubs... after only being swung ONE SINGLE TIME... Understandably though, any golf club at all is going to show wear once you bash it into the ground a few times; these clubs will just show it more because of the black finish. I will say though, on the 6 iron you can see by the tee and ball mark I didn't hit a great shot at all, yet my ball hit the green and stuck from 150 yards away which was great! Like I said, the clubs performed phenominally and I was overall very happy with them. They look great, and I am very glad I have some cool looking, great performing clubs of my own now! I'm sure after a few months they'll start to look like used golf clubs, only more noticeable because of the black finish. That's the main reason I bought them though was because they look cooler than plain silver clubs. For (what I consider) to be premium golf clubs, these were very low priced. I'd recommend these for anyone who wants some nice new clubs that will stand out a bit from other clubs. They obviously won't make you play perfect, but I like them a lot more than my old clubs! Thanks, Team Stix for designing and creating my golf clubs! I like them a lot.

My first Birdie maker!

This Putter is absolutely phenomenal! This whole STIX set in general is amazing, and this Putter is just the Birdie Making Cherry on Top. The design of this putter is gorgeous, and the build is extremely solid. The jumbo square aligned grip is something that all my friends and people on the course comment on and are really impressed by, and makes for a very comfortable and controlled stroke. I sank a 20 foot put with this putter for my first birdie! My brother has a whole Callaway iron set, but he loved this STIX putter so much that he got one. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a great, solid, reliable putter, that won’t break the bank.

Great value and performance

I took a chance on these after watching Rick Shiels review them. I put these clubs up against some of the top irons out there: T300s and 921 Hot Metals and I can honestly say they more than held their own. I was a little worried because Rick’s clubs did arrive with some dings in them. The irons shipped quickly and arrived very well packed with double bubble wrap on the heads which was nice. Only the 8 iron had a small ding on the cavity back.
Irons look great, the black finish is really nice and slims the topline, blade length is great and soles are wide which is to be expected. It looks like it is going to wear over time but even the top manufacturers that do a black pvd finish have that happen to them so it is to be expected.
I was a little worried that the stiff flex graphite shaft may play too light or whippy but it can definitely hold its own against my 88mph 6 iron swing speed.
I was very impressed by the sound and feel off the face, for a game improvement/cavity back iron. Not too loud or clicky, just a nice muted crack. Good flight and as I said on center strikes it performed the same as the Titleist and the Mizuno.
The only drawbacks I found are on mishits I did lose about 3-4 yards in distance versus the other irons and I did not like the stock grip. It feels a little thin but I changed it out because I normally play midsize grips anyway.
For $299 for 5-SW you’d be hard pressed to find a better set. Definitely worth a try!

Highly Recommend the Stix clubs

I’m a average golfer and needed a change but didn’t want to spend a ton of $$$$ on pricey golf clubs. The STIX clubs fit my budget, which I have been highly impressed by the performance of the clubs. Plus the sleek look is a plus as well. I compared the Stix with some of my buddies name brand clubs, but I have to admit I like the feel of the Stix better.

Great Driver!

The driver arrived fast and in perfect condition. I immediately brought it to my local indoor driving range and averaged 260 carry. The weight feels good and I love how it looks behind the ball. The sound is nice and not too loud. It adds confidence to your shot and I can’t wait to take it onto a course. I highly recommend.

Great college graduation gift

Our son has been an athlete, always active in sports, since he was old enough to dribble, throw, or catch a ball. Now that his athletic career is over and he’s headed into the ‘real world’, he’s started to golf as something he knows he can continue to play for years to come. With this new interest and the opportunity to give him something he could use for years, we decided to get him a set of clubs. None of our family has ever golfed and we weren’t sure really where to begin. Through a lot of research and some recommendations from others, we decided on Stix. The unboxing of the well-designed clubs was a hit, he was really excited. As he’s begun using them, he’s been very happy with the fit, feel, and performance. Although we don’t have experience to compare to, we’ve been very happy with the Stix set and, when my wife and I decide to pick up the game ourselves, I’ll likely come right back to Stix for our sets.