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"So, whether you’re looking for a set of clubs to get into the game, you’re taking your game more seriously, or you’re happy being a casual golfer but want to upgrade to a higher-quality, better-looking set of clubs, Stix checks every single one of those boxes."


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"After my pleasant experience with their complete box set, I can certainly see the appeal. Golf is supposed to be fun. Sure, it can be expensive to have the most recent club technology and the flashy clubs, but it doesn’t have to be."


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"Whether you're just learning or an experienced weekend golfer, these thoughtfully crafted clubs should help you score lower and smile wider. For $900, these are an absolute steal, with quality that rivals premium sets and a silky-smooth modern style that will leave the country club old-timers gossiping."


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As of April 2021, all Stix irons and wedges now feature a more durable black finish — which means your STIX clubs will keep looking like they cost 3x the price, game after game.

Based on 963 reviews
Love these clubs!

I’m new to golfing, but got interested enough I wanted more than the thrown together set I had been gifted from my dads storage building. These clubs have been a joy to play, I haven’t gotten to hit the course as often as I’d like to since getting them, but I look forward to improving. And I have all the faith in the world these clubs are going to help me do just that!

Wedge set

Nice! Better success around the greens for me, have good control of distance.

Does not perform better

Tried the driver on the course. I did not find it to perform better than any other driver in the market. Also, it is not adjustable like most drivers from other companies.

While I like Styx fairway woods and hybrids, I cannot recommend their driver.

Nice clubs, packaged well

Clubs have just arrived. Well packaged, only took 4 working days to arrive. They look great. Hopefully they bring the bag and headcovers to the UK website.

Complete Set (14-Piece)

Best clubs I ever had!

Iron Set (5 - PW)
David McLane
Really good

The 5-PW all feel good and solid. After 3 rounds I’ve shaved a couple strokes off each time. Confidence is improved greatly.
A minor negative side, the Arizona desert course I play tends to scratch up the sole. The desert sand/gravel seems to even invade the fairway. I can live with scratches for the good strikes.

Great Golf Clubs!!

It was all well worth it. The clubs look very very nice, they’re very forgiving and overall very very satisfied with these clubs. The wedges and putter are overall my favorite. Instant improvement with my wedge game. Buy these clubs!!

Amazing set

Completely love this set though it did take alot longer than expected to ship still very satisfied with the set though.

Review from Katy Golf Club, Parsons Kansas.

I’ve played two 9 hole rounds with my new clubs (14 clubs). My number of bad shots has noticeably decreased and scores have improved. My confidence with shots around the green and putting is soaring right now.

I’m feeling pretty good about hitting STIX clubs….just saying!

Quality and value

Can't beat the quality and value. In fact because they are such great value you will need to wait for production to catch up to orders. But totally worth it.

Clubs Great very Slow response from Customer Servuce

I love the clubs. Only issue is I received the clubs a month before the bag so I had to buy another bag. When I called customer service I never received a call back and only received one email which was a few days later. Customer service availability needs to be much more responsive in my opinion and then you would get 5 stars. 5 stars for the clubs, 2 stars for the customer service.

Stix Clubs

Historically I play 2 times a week and have a 10 handicap. I received the clubs about 10 days ago and have played 4 rounds with them. My previous set of clubs were Taylormade M6's. Using Styx clubs I noticed no loss of distance or accuracy and played to my handicap and think I can go lower once I get some practice time in on the range.
The clubs have a sleek design and look good as I stand over them. My only wish is that the set had a 4 iron, I have always struggled with the 4H. So I put my M6 4 iron in the bag to fill the gap.
I am extremely satisfied with these clubs, Thank you Styx Golf I am a believer in your product.
Keep up the good work providing a great product at a reasonable price.

Stix review

Have enjoyed the 6 and 8 irons and 3 wood, as all are easy to hit. Wanted to purchase the 7, 9 and pitching wedge to complete my set so it was very disappointing to be told individual clubs are not sold at this time. Didn't make much sense to me because I no longer need a complete set. Please contact me when I can purchase the clubs I need.

Jose Rodriguez
Product is great! Customer service is awful.

Product is beautiful, no complaints there. The customer service was not great. It took over 2 weeks to get my products. I attempted several times to get a hold of someone and nobody ever answered the phone. After a week of trying to get in contact with someone, I decided to go on their social media account and send a message. Finally I got a response.

One club short.

The clubs (complete set) came quickly, but only 13 of 14 arrived. No hybrid. The order arrived within one week after being placed. I reported the next day that the hybrid was not in the box. It has been more than a week later and still no hybrid yet. Everything else looks great but I am waiting on the last club to arrive before I take them out to the range. Soon I hope.

Wedge Set (52°, 56°, 60°)
Martin Wehrenberg

Wedge Set (52°, 56°, 60°)

These Clubs are Hammahz

My full 14set stix clubs are amazing my irons feel bottom-heavy so by letting the club do the work I find the fairways more so than I do in the rough, and I’ve never had all 3 wedges that I can practice and use them more often. But my putter is the best. Balanced and heavy bottom so I don’t have to struggle with power and distance.

PGA Professional Review

Love my new StiX I purchased the 14 club complete set and love them! Great control and consistent distance variation between clubs an even 10 yard throughout the set. The wedges are amazing I would put them up against a Vokey or Taylormade even Cleveland.
Putter is fantastic we’ll balanced.
This company has a bright future.
A couple of suggestions if you buy the woods or hybrid they should come with headcovers not only to protect the clubs but to highlight the StiX brand…and possibly in the future offer grip size choice to fit a broader range of customers. Otherwise the whole set is fabulous all my buddies are already asking and it kinda cool to just say check out my new StiX ….

Casual Set (9-Piece)
Theodore E Hornsby
Sons clubs

Look great, he has not played with them yet. But he loves them.

Theses are absolutely great! Got them for my husband and he is absolutely loving them


I brought the wedge set and I couldn’t be happier. I’m hitting them pure and consistent. I’m really thinking about buying the set.

Awesome clubs! Covers need work...

Absolutely love these clubs! They worked perfectly for me! I'm not a pro so the price was right and performance was amazing! My only complaints were that wear after the first use was noticeable with the clubs being black. That was no big deal because a little wear to me means they're well loved, but the biggest thing for me was the club covers are not good... they seem very flimsy and tend to slide up and over the clubs. I hope stix can fix this issue going forward. I still love these clubs and will use them for years to come!

Michael Gross

Just loves these as they are perfect with the clubs. Everything about my Stix is fantastic!!!

-can i not buy one club e.g. putter since i already have one???

Clean and light

I love this hat. It’s lightweight, sharp looking, and very breathable. Perfect for the course or for everyday wear. Big fan