Golf Clubs for Women

Finally, golf clubs for women that don’t skimp on performance or design. Pink or pastels just not your colors? We’ve got you covered. Shop our classy all-black clubs today.
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Stix Golf Clubs for Women

All too often we see women’s golf clubs designed for looks rather than performance. Club manufacturers trade premium materials for a hot pink clubhead. We’re not about that. Our sleek, modern clubs are designed to give golfers the best game of their lives–no matter their gender. It’s time to level up with Stix.

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High-Tech, Modern Clubs for a Fair Price

There’s also no ‘pink tax’ here–our women’s golf clubs aren’t pricier than our men’s clubs because our clubs are for everyone. We also offer a variety of club sets and single clubs so you can get exactly what you need without paying for what you don’t.

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Level Up Your Golf Set

Want to upgrade your clubs without breaking the bank? Stix’s complete golf club set is less than $1000. Our direct-to-consumer model means no middlemen and no aggressive markups. That means we can use the latest technology and premium materials for a fraction of the price of other name-brand clubs. It’s time to ditch the beginner clubs and invest in golf clubs that you won’t outgrow.

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Golf Clubs Tailored to You

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality women’s golf club set, your search is finally over. With different flexes, heights, and dexterities available, you can customize your Stix golf club set to be perfect for your preferences instead of having to conform to the clubs available. 

All of our clubs feature graphite shafts with various flexes available: do you have a fast, powerful swing? Try stiff. Swinging slower and softer? You’d likely enjoy our active flex. Our clubs are designed with everyone in mind and are customizable to virtually every playstyle and experience level.

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Women’s Golf Clubs Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Stix golf clubs are fully customizable so you can get great-looking clubs that fit. By picking the perfect shaft length and shaft flex, you can unlock the best golf game of your life.

Golf club length and shaft flex
Shaft Length & Flex

The right club or shaft length allows you to play comfortably and maximize the power of your swing. A club too short will make you swing too hard for very little payoff, while a club that’s too long prevents you from having any control over the ball. Check out our handy chart to find out the right club length for your height.

Shaft flex influences the power and accuracy of your swings. Most female-identifying golfers find that active flex clubs are perfect, but you should analyze your swing speed and driver distance to choose the right shaft flex for your game. Check out the chart below to find the right shaft flex for you.

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Verified Reviews

Killer set of clubs

“I’ve had these clubs for about 6 months now and they are awesome.

These clubs have improved my game and gotten me out on the course way more often. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on these clubs and I never hesitate to recommend them to friends and family (I also got my brother to buy a set) I was hesitant at first but have now recommended them to a ton of people in the same boat. In addition, the customer service is killer! Keep doing what you’re doing #teamstix”

Love my Stix!!

“I have been playing on my beginner set for 9 years now and had been really wanting to upgrade my clubs, but had no desire to spend thousands on clubs when I’m just a weekend warrior. I found stix on instagram and loved the price point. Played 3 rounds with my new clubs and they fit my game perfectly, and they look fantastic out on the course. Highly recommend for all level of golfers”

Very satisfied

“I’ve always used hand me downs and wanted a nice set but didn’t want to spend $ for a part time hobby. Found these but kept looking at bigger named brands and always found myself coming back to this site. Just couldn’t justify the money for something I truly don’t know much about. Decided to take a chance on these and I’m stoked I did. They look great and play great. I still had all the issues I have with every club (because I suck at golf) but these clubs seemed very forgiving. When I had a good shot it turned into a great shot.”

Love em

“Finally got the chance to play with these clubs, and I just love they way they feel! Super light compared to the first set I owned. I was close to buying a set of 1200 dollar irons, but I’m so glad I just picked up the 12-club set from stix! I’m very new to golf, but from the few times I’ve played I can definitely notice a difference with these clubs compared to my last.”

Find Your Perfect Match

No matter your experience level, playstyle, or budget, Stix has the perfect set of women’s golf clubs for you. Whether you want to be completely kitted out with 14 clubs or you just need a casual set of nine clubs, we have you covered. Just pick your set, choose your flex and length, and you’re done!

Perform Club Set
Current price: $999
Stix Golf Co. Clubs Perform Series Complete Bundle - Graphite (12 Clubs + Bag)
Play Club Set
Current price: $699
Stix Golf Co. Clubs Play Series 10 Club Set
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Modern Golf Gear for Women

Level up your golf gear further with sleek Stix golf bags and headcovers. Similar to our bag, our headcovers are weather resistant with a snow canvas exterior, fleece-lined interior, and a sleek design that pairs well with our clubs.

Stand Bag
Current price: $199
Stix Golf Co. Bag Stand Bag
Golf Glove
Current price: $20
Stix Golf Golf Glove
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Get Started with a Stix Set

If you’re ready to level up with modern, classy women’s golf clubs, we’re ready to help! Browse through our offerings and reach out to us if you need help making a selection–or if you just want to chat about golf.

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