Stand Bag

  • The Stix Stand Golf Bag was created with the same design philosophy of our clubs: less is more. The perfect companion to our all-black golf clubs, the Stix Stand Bag provides players with every feature they may need while maintaining a no-frills approach to their game.

    Fitted with an easy to carry double strap system, lifting handles, and a wide stance, the Stix Stand Bag is a premium on-course golf bag that includes water-resistant materials, protected pockets for your valuables, and a cooler pocket for your beverage of choice.


    • Premium weather-resistant canvas construction (includes rain hood)
    • 9" x 7" oval top with 5-way divider and 2 full length inner dividers
    • Large pockets with protected zippers, rubber pulls, a fleece lined valuables pocket and insulated cooler pocket (6 pockets total)
    • Wide stance aluminum legs, double strap carry system, and dual lifting handles 
    • Dimensions: 35"H x 9"W x 14"D
    • Weight: 4.5 lbs
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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Shelby Chouinard
Stand Bag

Great bag overall, I believe it is a little cheaper than other ones at Dicks or the PGA store. Overall I like the bag and think it is worth it, if you buy the clubs.

Great bag but weather cover broke

I have had the bag a month and it works great! Wonderful storage and light and everything but the weather cover zipper already broke I hope stix can send a replacement but I’m still enjoying the product.

Christopher Kahrig
First Stand Bag

Start by saying the look of the bag is my style sleek, minimal and in my opinion stands out as unique. The backpack straps are comfortable and put little pressure on my back. Single strapping the bag also is comfortable and stays in place while varying. Light and easy to handle when picking up by the single handle. Being my first stand bag setting the bag down and laying it on the legs allowed me to be able to set them everywhere and not worry about stability in grass or concrete. Being 5’ 11” the bag seemed low to pull the lower irons out. Having to bend half my size to see the lob wedges, putter and other irons was a little comber some. Fitting of the clubs in each of the four pockets are just right for the 14 pc set, though the driver and hybrid together make it a little difficult to put in. That can be fixed by arranging your bag how you need it. Plenty of pockets and storage, that Input all the essentials, plus a small camera stand, goofball retriever small umbrella and the top cover. I still had room for more. Speaking of the cover it is tight when putting on snaps are hard, but solid. I heard the bag was not waterproof, but I had a small rain shower on my first outing and everything stayed pretty dry. I checked the inside and found minimal dampening inside. All and the bag is great. A couple of improvements and the bag could be spectacular.

Jacob Tibi
My Stix Stand Bag - The 'Coolest' Sidekick on the Green!

Let me tell you about my latest romance. No, it's not some blonde bombshell or a brunette beauty. It's my sleek and sexy Stix Stand Golf Bag. Yes, you heard that right, a golf bag. A lover that truly understands my needs - ample space, ice-cold drinks, and of course, the magnetic charm to attract a fair share of attention.

Just like my mesmerizing Stix Clubs, the Stix Stand Bag carries the same design philosophy: less is more. But don't let its minimalistic allure fool you; this bag is like the James Bond of golf bags. On the surface, it's all suave and sophistication, but beneath the facade, it's a utility beast, ready to assist in any golfing mission.

The easy to carry double strap system is a dream, fitting around my shoulders like they were made just for me. And those lifting handles - they've made my golfing life a breeze, almost as though I have my own personal caddy. With a wide stance, this bag stands firm, just like my resolve on the 18th hole.

But the real showstopper is the cooler pocket. I tell you, this thing could make a glacier jealous. It keeps my drinks so icy cold, it could send shivers down a polar bear's spine. Now, I'm not saying it's caused the beverage cart girl to harbor a vendetta against me, but let's just say she isn't thrilled that I don't need her services anymore.

In addition, the water-resistant materials ensure my precious Stix Clubs remain dry as a bone in any weather, while the protected pockets are like a high-security vault for my valuables.

The Stix Stand Bag is not just a bag; it's a statement, a declaration of my arrival. Ever since I've started strutting around the course with it, I've had more eyeballs on me than a pop star at the Grammy's. And the ladies? Let's just say I've had more dates than a packed tee schedule.

In conclusion, my Stix Stand Bag is not just a companion on the course; it's my wingman, my confidante, and my secret weapon. So, if you're looking to be the talk of the golf course, win some wagers, and enjoy ice-cold drinks while doing it, the Stix Stand Bag is the caddy you never knew you needed. Trust me; it's love at first swing!

Wyatt W.
Nice bag man!

I bought a set of used irons and a sunday bag around a year ago and just upgraded to Stix, so this is my first new full set and bag. It has plenty of places to put all my stuff and feels/looks great. Highly recommend.